Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween has always been my favorite day of the year. One of my first shows was on Halloween night. Harry Anderson and I used to take over the Comedy Magic Club in Los Angeles and produce a Halloween spectacular each year. Those shows featuring the “Bubonic Players” are now legendary. We once “produced” a haunted house that was so good David Copperfield flew in just to see it. He was most impressed by the demonstration of Lycanthrope. With a special moonlight-emitting flashlight, anyone shining that light on a severed head could watch it change into a Werewolf before their very eyes. It is an original illusion Harry and I created. I expect to see it in a Copperfield show someday.

It could have been just another evening tonight. A Halloween performance, but not the themed show or Halloween Haunt I am used to doing. Not to say I will ever forget the night I performed on Broadway for Halloween.

It quickly changed when the silent partner of the team of Penn and Teller turned up in the audience. I am a huge fan of Teller’s work and he came backstage to take pictures and sign my guest book. It became a Penn and Teller routine when we could not get the camera to work. We tried five times, each person in the room taking their turn to try and fix the problem, we would strike our best pose, but the camera let us down every time. Teller actually spoke and said, “I am beginning to think I have no soul”.

We finally gave up. I suggested it would be quicker to get a Times Square sketch artist to do a pencil drawing. As he was leaving one of the ushers offered up her camera, we posed again, but it would not work either.

Finally Linda and Abby saved us with their cameras. We finally got the picture. It was a thrill and a gift that I will always remember, one of the most famous magicians of our time, coming to see my show on Halloween? Wow. He signed my book with these words, “If I ever talk I want you to do my voice.”

Thanks Teller you made this Halloween even more special, and once more I am indebted to the Helen Hayes house staff. You all are the very best, every night. Thank you, Thank you.

Waiting outside was Jo and Richard. They are friends and fans of Scott Bacula, and were at the benefit performance at Los Angeles Hamilton High School three years ago when the team of Kreppel, Cross and Johnson began. It was great to have that circle completed. Fans and friends who support this show are a continually blessing. Thank you for your tireless efforts to spread the word about The Two and Only.

On a musical note, the monkey song tonight was supposed to be the theme from the “Munsters” television show. Darwin was a little over ambitious in his rendition and some how it turned into the “Baby Elephant Walk.” Joe and the Wiz guessed right away. They probably would have gotten the Musters theme as well, but chalk a loss up for the monkey. I am not sure how a baby elephant relates to Halloween, but you have to play the game as it goes. Good guessing crew.
As you were,


Anonymous said...

I got the tune for the "monkey song" but I couldn't remember the name of it. Oh well.

It's interesting you mention Scott Bakula - he did a show at the Hayes a few years back. He's one of the sweetest people we've ever had here.


Anonymous said...

My grad student worker and I were reading the blog and "hooting" about the camera remember it's "Helen" and "global warming," my new answer to EVERYTHING that happens. Jena and I both thought it was unbelievable to have Teller speak. What fun you all must have had. We are envious, but oh, so glad you are our friend.
Carry on,
Your Rommie and Jena