Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Wiz report for Saturday.

There is nothing like a live audience. I love to hear their responses - both laughter and sniffles. It's the audience that makes each individual performance a unique one. Saturday's matinee is a prime example of that:

We get to Spaulding (who for reasons we don't quite understand works perfectly during our pre-show checks, yet fails during performances), and towards the end of the routine, we hear a younger voice say something. We couldn't really hear what he said, but it must have been funny as the audience laughed. Jay laughed with them, and at the end of the routine gave the Spaulding eyes to him.

We continue on with the show, and we get to Bob. At this point, Bob and Jay both have adhesive tape over their mouths, talking about the fact that Bob cannot be understood, when we hear our young friend say "I can't understand either one of you." Uproarious laughter. Now as you may know, Bob is not a very sweet guy. He asks the young man, "Who works your head?" and later on even tries to scare him by saying "Hey kid, have you ever seen those Chuckie movies?" (and he screams). Each time the audience burst into laughter. All of us enjoyed it immensely. Those of you there Saturday afternoon saw a very unique show.

Here's a shout out to our young friend. We hope you enjoyed the show, and thank you for making us laugh.
Until the next one,

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Sean Bradley said...

Hi Jay,

My girlfriend and I saw your show Friday night and we can't stop talking about it. You've crafted something hilarious, informative, and surprisingly touching.

I've been a fan of yours since I discovered Soap on Comedy Central 12 years ago and am so grateful I had the opportunity to see you live. We waited around outside after the show but you must have been inside partying with Bob, Darwin, and the gang.

I wish the show a good, long run. We want to see it again.