Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I don’t know how we can play the “monkey song game” when I can’t remember what the song is. I was pretty sure tonight it was “Take me out to the Ball Game”, but no one seems to agree on what they heard. I realize now I have to prepare for this game a little more than I have been. New York plays for keeps.

It was a rainy day and the crowd was a little water logged tonight. Joan Rivers was there, seeing the show for a second time. She has always been very nice to me, as we have crossed paths over the years. I am doing WOR radio on Friday morning with Joan. I really appreciate her giving me the time.

My next project is to get Rosie O’Donell to see the show. I connected with her at the opening night of Elaine Stritch’s act a month ago. She said she would come with her kids. She hasn’t made it yet. She will. I just think this is the kind of show that she can get behind. So Rosie if you are reading this, come this week, come tomorrow. We are waiting to take you on a ride.

I believe the show is getting better and better. I am learning more and more to get out of the way and let it flow. The more I see the show as not coming from me but through me the better it works.

On stage I talk about an “out of body” experience I had 32 years ago with Harry O’Shea. I sort of have one every night reliving that moment. I really can’t take personal credit for any part of the show. It is not false humility, it would be like a saxophone taking credit for the music it plays. There is an invisible musician performing the music through me just like the saxophone. Like I say in the show, I don’t know why I got picked to do this, but I am glad it happened.

How many hours until show time? I can’t wait that long. Please call places now.
As your were,


the other one said...

Rosie O'Donnell, yes, yes, yes!

As for "name that monkey song," I disagree with all of you! Yankee Doodle Boy, first 2 lines of the chorus (not first 4 lines as I previouly thought). I will back that up with a re-enactment if necessary!

Anonymous said...

The other one.....
You are the winner.... it was "Yankee Doodle Boy".
It came back to me this morning

Anonymous said...

I still disagree and will need to see the re-enactment.

Anonymous said...

Please come! You'll love this show!!

MoonDog said...

Want me to arrange transportation for Rosie? She can't help but love this show.