Monday, October 09, 2006

Alan, to answer your question about Darwin's origin, Darwin's face was sculpted by Wim Griffith an artist in Los Angeles. The hands and feet were sculpted by Rene Zendejas, of Rene and his Artists puppet studio. I built his body.
As you were,


John Ivy said...

This brings to mind one of things that interests me about vetriloquism as an art form - like all arts at the top level, there is a whole industry (albiet a small one of craftsman's shops) that build these crazy characters as tools for artistic expression. One really has to admire the work that goes into these things - not only is each indiviual a unique creation that is instantly identifiable, but it is able to be maniupulated in various ways. Jay's story about Art is a perfect example of this, and if you haven't heard it yet, you should definitely see the show, because it's a great look into the mind of such a craftsman - it's a particular kind of genius, and one that goes almost entirely unheralded.

Anonymous said...

Well said John Ivy!