Monday, October 09, 2006

I've been trying to write this ghost story but got distracted by life and other obligations.

A couple of nights ago, while on stage, I had an encounter. There are two windows, for want of a better description, on either side of the house, balcony level at the Helen Hayes. They are actually recessed alcoves where lighting pipes have been placed. Clifton has put a few lights in each one. I look toward the “window” stage right (house left) a lot during the show. That is where I look when I do the scene finding Judy’s Jerry Mahoney doll. I must stare at that place for a several minutes during that scene alone.

This particular night, as I was looking, a door opened behind the lights in the alcove. That perspective can’t be seen unless you are on stage looking that direction so no one could have seen it but me. This door opens and a white haired lady peeks in. At first she is confused but as she looks around she realizes that she is staring into the theater and a show is in progress. She quickly shuts the door. It was as if she came upon the door by mistake and opened it to see where it led. At least that is what I assumed had happened at the time. I did not get a great look at her because the lights are in my eyes and it happened quickly.

The next day or so I am sitting in the balcony (one of my favorite meditating spots) with the Wiz. I asked the Wiz if she knew what hallway the window connected to. The Wiz did not know. I checked out the balcony fire exit and there is an alarmed door that I could not open with out sounding the alarm. It looked like it might lead to the hall way and the window door. I didn’t think much more about it.

Sunday night I was talking to Doug the carpenter, who by the way is one of my new favorite people, and I asked if he knew about the door to the window. He told me there is no door up in the window, never has been. In fact they are just “set backs” for lights. To place lights in that alcove he says he has to get a ladder and access it from the audience.

Okay, I know what I saw. It was as real as any event in my life. It was neither spooky nor mystical, just a lady looking in the wrong door. And yes, based upon the color and style of the hair do it could have looked like the picture of Helen Hayes that hangs in the lobby. You believe what you want, I know what I saw.

Helen, I hope you liked the show, but please come back and see all of it. And thanks for letting me share your stage. I have not attempted to re-attach the nameplate to my dressing room door.
As you were,


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Anonymous said...

Well, since Helen has seen part of the show, perhaps it's time to re-attach that nameplate...

MoonDogDancer said...

I can totally believe that after being in that theatre. The show is pure magic, so why not a ghost?