Sunday, October 22, 2006

The weekends go so fast, I can't tell one show from the next. Tonight I did not play fair during the Monkey song game. Darwin sang, “That’s a Plenty”. It is a song everyone knows the tune to but no one knows the name. Okay, so who said the game had to be fair?

I sometimes forget what show friends tell me they are coming. I know they think I am daffy when I look at them with surprise when I am supposed to know when they are coming.

On Satruday night two gentleman were late to see the show. They were seated in the first row after I had done most of my first bit. (I think that is the actual time they seat late comers). Well, never before have two people been so late when their seats were directly in front of the stage. The entire audience saw them coming in and sitting. For some reason I reverted back to my comedy club days and threw them a stock line. I said, “Are you guys okay? Can we get you something… like a watch maybe?” It was only after the show that I realize d this was my ventriloquist friend Mark Merchant and the brother of another friend Ian Finkle. They were great about it and apologized for being late, but I was the one offering apologizes. Sorry guys, I stocked you.

I can’t tell you how much I love this theater. The people who work there are the best in the world. The ushers are wonderful. They let me hang in the lobby or in Linda’s “office” to shoot the breeze before the show. It is so pleasant to come to work. I even found out that Linda is a Texas landowner. How great is that.

The Wiz and I have a ritual every night. The way it works is this: Allen the house manager is in charge of the theater until he turns it over to the production stage manager. At that moment the production becomes the responsibility of the Wiz. When the Wiz gets the theater we give each other a “high ten”. Just before I take my place I say, “Good show gentlemen” to Joe the electrician and Doug the carpenter. Tonight the reply was “holy shit” as if they were totally unaware there was a show to do. Of course that is BS because they are always ready at the five-minute call. It made me laugh out loud. When we had a substitute sound man Joe made the introduction. I said hello and Joe said, “Speak up he is very hard of hearing.” How can you call this work? This is why we all went into the theater, because it was supposed to be fun. How lucky am I to get to be here. I am not sure what deity I have to thank but whom ever he or she is… Thank you.
As you were,


the other one said...

I took care of your friends Saturday night. They had just missed the curtain so I had the pleasure of entertaining them (actually teasing) before bringing them in. I said "you know, you two are right in the front row" to which they debated whether or not to go upstairs. They asked me if you would make fun of them. I told them it was a possibility, especially since everyone would see them coming in. Then one said "that's okay, we're in the business" to which I replied "good, you guys are can take it!"
Who says this job isn't fun?

On Sunday evening, I spoke to a lovely family. This was their fourth time seeing the show. I should have asked for their name because I have a feeling they will be back again (and again). Hey, do we a have a frequent flyer policy yet?


Anonymous said...

Jay, you can step into my office anytime. The door is always open!

- Linda

bob conrad said...

Hi Jay;
I saw your performance last night (Sunday 5pm 10/22/06) thought you were great. Being a vent myself I really enjoyed your history and facts about the art (short for Arthur). Hope to catch you again. Bob Conrad

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,
We've been looking forward to you and your buddies return (can't limit to wooden Americans since many not wooden) since we saw you off-Broadway. Loved last night's 5pm show, 10/23/06. Question: Did the Vulture OF DEATH get more time off-B'way? We went around for months afterwards adding OF DEATH to anything we wanted to emphasize. I think the monkey got more time last night - which was fun because my husband was front row center and the monkey was talking to him.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I would count as a "diety." Does being much older than you count. You may thank ME if you wish. I will gladly accept. I hope the pixs came unharmed and that all goes well. It certainly sounds as if it is.
I would love to be able to "SURPRISE" (NOT) you again and see you and the guys at work again.
You never know.."when you least...."
Carry on,
Your Roomie (not Sandi)

Anonymous said...

Rosie, where are you?