Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ask the Ventriloquist:
Here is a question I got today, and I think it is very interesting. I hope Kathy doesn't mind that I share it with the TAO group.

"My sister and I were wondering why so many famous ventriloquists' puppets seem to be of Irish descent, i.e. Charlie McCarthy, Jerry Mahoney and Art Sieving's Harry O'Shea. Their human partners don't seem to be Irish themselves...
Thank you,
Kathy Zogbi & Marina Zogbi"

You are right. There is also Danny O'Day, Jimmy Nelson's partner. I don't know why that is except Edgar Bergen, being the first, patterned Charlie McCarthy after an Irish newspaper boy he saw on the street. I guess we all want to follow the lead of the master.

Bob's last name is Campbell, which is the name they gave him on Soap. I guess that would be Scottish. He is actually made out of Hollywood (bad joke intended) so I guess he is really Californian.
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peter truncale said...

jay i loved the show so did my family can you tell me if i could buy a bob replica a professional dummy thank you

peter truncale
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