Friday, October 27, 2006

The Wiz report for Friday. (Not really it's me... Jay)
The Wiz is not blogging tonight. So I will be bringing you the show report. I will write in third person so you won’t get confused.

It was a fabulous show, funny, touching and introspective, the crowd could not get enough. The applause alone took up 30 minutes of the evening. The Helen Hayes record for longest sustained laughter was broken tonight by a joke from Darwin, seventeen minutes and thirty-two seconds of sustained laughter. The previous record of sixteen minutes and thirty-five seconds was held by Golda’s Balcony.

The audience was mesmerized when Bob joined Squeaky in an impromptu break dance /tap challenge in the middle of the stage.

The patrons were equally divided as to who actually won the contest. For my money Squeaky’s style was so reminiscent of Gregory Hines’ “Sophisticated Ladies” tap solo he should have been the clear winner.

There was talk in the audience of suspending the Tony’s next year and just dedicating the television time to James Lipton talking to Jay Johnson about his technique of duet acting on the Broadway stage. Jay is not sure if he can do it since he is planning on being honored at the Kennedy Center in Washington. Jay will be taking some afternoons off next week to help fix the “Jersey Boys” script, which could really use a little ventriloquism to liven it up. The guy playing Rudy/Frankie Valli moves his lips.

The monkey song was “Good Ship Lollipop”. Although Joe said it sounded more like the “Bull Shit lollipop” Oh yeah? Well one of your blue gels is faded, Mr. Beck.

Tonight the much anticipated “show buttons” arrived. Our fabulous ushers will be handing them out for future audiences to wear. There are five versions. . One says, “Broadway IS for Dummies”, another, “Help stamp out Ventilophobia” another, “Find Your voice and Throw it” and two for the grown ups, “Got Wood?” and “Ventriloquists do it with there lips shut”.

You really don’t know what you miss if you don’t see the show every night.
Until the next Juan,
The Whiz
(Tonight the part of the Whiz was played by Jay Johnson)



Anonymous said...

There is no question about it. I won the dance off.

Anonymous said...

In your dreams, wood boy.

the other one said...

I don't know boys, I think I need to see that again. Better start warming up...

Good Ship Lollipop? What? I agree with Joe (and I usually don't agree with Joe on anything). So, what about that Mr. Ventriloquist?


Anonymous said...

Wow! One night away from blogging and all heck breaks loose.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay, Squeaky, Bob, Darwin, et. al--
I so enjoyed all of you in tonight's performance. I had no idea what to expect, and I'll definitely be telling my friends not to miss your act. I couldn't believe you know Springfield, IL. I'm from a town very near called Jacksonville, IL. Thanks again for the wonderful evening

Camber Carpenter