Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sometimes you need to step back and look at your life in third person. That is usually called counting your blessings. I need a calculator to count my blessings these days. Just getting to do my show at the Helen Hayes is a blessing that continues to count. Every night is different as the show grows. It is never the same experience so it is like opening night every time. The fact that this experience is happening on Broadway is a fairy tale addition .

Two nights ago Lucie Arnaz comes to see my show. She comes back stage to sign my guest book and I end up having drinks after the show with her Sandi, Murphy and Paul. It is great fun. I love Lucie, and I am sure she has never heard that before.

Lucie sent an email blast to all in her address book telling them to come and see my show. Thank you Lucie. You are the best.

The next night Dan Costellano came back stage after the show. I am a huge fan of Dan. It is not often Homer Simpson himself comes to see you. Not to mention, Barney, Krusty and all the other people that inhabit his creativity. Later that night as I was walking home I saw Joan Rivers coming out of a show. I spoke to her briefly and then said, “See you tomorrow”. It was the next morning we were doing the radio interview. That is when it dawns on me, did I have drinks with Lucie Arnaz, hang with Homer Simpson and say “See you tomorrow”to Joan Rivers?

All of this happened in the same week. Rosie I am getting closer.
As you were,

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