Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Wiz is like a barometer. When the weather changes it manifests itself in a physical form and not a pleasant one. Sure enough, mid way through the show that feeling was there and better than the national weather service it was noticeably colder when we left the theater. So…. The Wiz report will be abbreviated by me tonight. The Wiz will be back in form tomorrow as soon as the weather completely settles down. Rest and get well Wiz. How does anyone know when to call the stick horse cue but you?

The Wiz report (By Jay Johnson): It was a fabulous show and Jay was funny, touching and clever. How does he do it night after night? He must be either possessed or insane.

Although a clue was given neither the Wiz nor Joe the electrician won the Monkey song contest tonight. I have not heard if "the other one" got it right. The clue was Broadway musicals…. The monkey song was. “Tomorrow” from Annie. Chalk one more for the monkey. Joe said that was reaching. Are you kidding me? Annie ran for a very long time on Broadway. If you can’t play the game don’t put your money down, kids.

On a personal note, tonight was a very tough show for me. I learned that a very good friend of mine passed away. He was my high school buddy. Great guy who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in February, it took him very quickly. Between the Boston run of this show and Broadway I flew to Dallas to see him. We both knew it would probably be the last time we would get to be together. We laughed and relived some great experiences until it was time for me to go. Friends like that are hard to find and even harder to keep. Larry Imes this show was for you tonight. I know you saw it. I knew you were there. Be free now buddy.

As you were,


Anonymous said...

The other one didn't get it either. Tomorrow? Do I feel silly - I know the guy who wrote it...

- the other one

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Larry. Dedicating your performance was a wonderful way to honor him.