Tuesday, October 24, 2006

There is nothing like a little rest. I love to come back on Tuesdays. My voice is ready and I never have to think about placement, the boys are always in good voice with a lot of energy. The audience was especially good tonight. What a great time we had together.

There is a grate in the middle of Times Square where 7th crosses Broadway. It is in the middle of the street, a little triangular island of concrete and metal. Traffic goes flying by on three sides. It vents something, I don’t know what, a subway, an electrical unit, whatever. It is an airway to the bowels of New York City. It emits a low tone like the biggest pipe in a pipe organ. It is constant and somewhat spooky to me. You don’t really hear it unless you are on top of that island. I like to stand there and just listen every chance I get. It truly is the city humming a lullaby to itself.

Tonight Murphy and Paul walked with me part of the way home. We stopped at that spot and just listened. Before long we were humming the same tone to ourselves. There was just something about the energy of the sound and the pace of Times Square that was magical. The weather was brisk and cool, but we just stood there listening and humming the tone. Then we harmonized with it, and it became the mantra of a monks chant in the greatest temple in the world.

Paul then said, “Look where we are.” It was a panorama of the “Great White Way” and there we were, on Broadway. We just left our theater and were about to go our separate ways. However, not before we connected with George M and every other actor, dancer, musician, singer, writer, producer and ventriloquist who ever had a dream to perform in a Broadway theater. It was overwhelming.

There is just something about New York. It lives, it breathes and tonight it kissed us on the cheek and said, “welcome”.
Thank you New York.
As you were,

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