Thursday, August 24, 2006

I just got back to LA from New York. It was a two day mini press junket for the show. The weather was great and I have to admit seeing a poster for the Two and Only in Shubert Alley is a unique thrill. I walked around 44th basically stalking the Helen Hayes for several hours. I can't wait to get on that stage.

It wasn't all work. Ric and Richard of O&M - our publisists- invited me to Birdland on 44th to hear some Jazz after a long day of shooting promos. I love jazz and I was looking forward to it. However, it wasn't just jazz it was an event. Performing live on stage was Oscar Peterson. Eighty-one years old, a stroke has limited his movement onto and off the stage, but it has not dampened his brilliance. At one point he used the Mark Twain line, "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated". Unbelievable show in a perfectly intimate setting.

At my table was Phil Collins, or perhaps he considered me at his table. Either way we were enjoying the show together. Being a drummer he continually tapped his spoon on the table keeping a beat with the music. I found out in conversation Phil has a rabid facination for the Alamo. He said the daughters of the Texas Independance made him an honorary Texan recently. Since I am a Texan by birth we got along just fine.

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As you were,

Monday, August 14, 2006

It is 5 weeks before we begin performances at the Helen Hayes. I suspect there will be much more to say once the theater is actually ours. We load in on September 12th.

I will post from time to time, but I suspect "The Wiz" will be more regular. The Wiz is our production stage manager and a production report "lite" will be posted here most performance days. My contribution will be specific to events which are out of the ordinary or seem to me of a curious nature. I am accustomed to sending emails to friends about my day before I can sleep, so I will include you in that list.

I think this will be interesting. It is perhaps the first time a running commentary has been published on a Broadway show while it is in production. Usually one has to be related to a performer in the show to hear this inside scoop.

Tom Amundsen a good friend and funny writer passed away this year. He died the morning of the day he had purchesed tickets to see my show at the Brentwood theater in Los Angeles. I will end my postings the same way he used to end his emails as an homage to my friend - AS YOU WERE. Jay