Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Wiz report for Tuesday

It's always great to come back to "work" after the day off. I call it "work" because though it is my job, it in no way feels like "work". I have a great time and thoroughly love what I do.

But I digress. We had a terrific show tonight - full of energy and laughter.

Spaulding was right on track - which just about made my day.

Bob and Jay had a little ad lib tonight that made me laugh out loud. It all started when Jay tripped over a word. Bob told him that he had to get rest. Jay explained to him that he "got carried away", to which Bob replied "if you get carried away, my job is sucky." Once I heard that, I could not stop laughing. I'm afraid that someday you're going to hear me.

I know you're all waiting for this - Name That Monkey Song! You think you have it, right? I thought I had it, as before the show Jay and I talked about and sang several different tv theme songs. Not one made it into the show! Our electrician guessed "James Bond Theme Song". Nope. I was so busy grumbling "No! No! No!" so I didn't even guess. I do not know what TOO (The Other One) guessed. Jay thought it might be a baseball song. None of us agree with that, and Jay isn't even sure. But I am determined to win one yet. I have visited a website that has tv theme songs from the 80's, and I have been studying. I've even sent one to Jay in hopes that he tries it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Here's to another great show!
Until the next one,


Pete Rizzz said...

Jay... Did I see Joan Rivers at your show on Tues Oct. 17..?

the other one said...
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the other one said...

OK WIZ, we are going to get this right!!! I'm guessing Yankee Doodle Boy, first 4 lines of the chorus. It doesn't help that Jay can't remember. We need instant replay.