Friday, October 13, 2006

I am trying to make the “name that monkey song” game as easy as possible. I realize that the “Great Gates of Kiev” is obscure to say the least. So tonight the hint was, “Something you can’t miss.” It was a give away just to keep the game fair. The song was “Happy Birthday” in honor of Scott’s birthday. (Scott is our company manager and he gives us our checks each week. Sucking up?…. perhaps).

The Wiz didn’t get it, not even a wrong guess, surely “the other one” got it. Joe was off tonight and Bobby the sub electrician was not eligible. Even after I sang it again right after the curtain call the Wiz questioned the veracity of the tune. Paul my co-director got it right away. He wanted to know why I had copped out with an easy song.

We will consider that the Wiz is still under the weather and not one hundred percent. I am willing to call this a push and continue the game tomorrow. Here is tomorrow's hint: It is the theme from the Dick Van Dyke Show!

For those of you who are not there every night the rules of this game are actually included as part of the script of “Jay Johnson: The Two and Only”. The Wiz added the rules to the official script and… Wiz, I think you should blog those rules so the folks can play the home version.

I had a chance to visit with the house staff tonight before the show. What wonderful people. The drug of show business is the people who choose to be a part of it. The most interesting, the most gracious the most talented people you could ever meet. How did I get so lucky as to become a part of this world? Thank you gang for making me feel at home.

Several people waited outside the stage door for more than forty minutes tonight in the cold just to say hello to me. Thanks to Marsha ,Sara and Steve’s double date crew who gave up a Met’s game to hear the story of my Art. I am always flattered and honored that people would do that. I fall in love with every audience that comes to the Helen Hayes theater, but mum is the word. My wife is flying if from California tomorrow.
As your were,


Anonymous said...

The other one didn't get it either. I am secure enough to admit that. I heard an octave jump (pretty sure)which sounded like "Take Me Out..." I will keep trying and not give up!

Your audience is wonderful. I spoke to several "frequent flyers" as well as some who came after friends had recommended the show. A gentleman said to me how wonderful it must be to see the show night after night. He doesn't know the half of it....

- TOO (the other one)

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like a view of Friday night's show from an audience perspective. By way of introduction, I am a long time (35 years) amateur vent and great admirer of Jay.

I thought it was a tough crowd. I was surprised that Jay was not greeted with applause when he entered. It seemed to take the audience a little while to warm up and "get" what was going one.

I don't know how the laughter sounds from the stage, but in the audience the laughter sounds scattered. They seemed to miss some of the more sublte jokes. For instance, I thought that the call-back of the second definition of Art--short for Arthur--was hilarious. It seemed to go over a lot of the audiences heads.

However, as the evening progressed, Jay really drew the audience in. The laughter crescendoed and people were clearly very touched by the sequence with Squeaky and the stories about Arthur. By the end, Jay really had them and won a well-deserved standing ovation.

As I said, Jay has always been my favorite vent, and seeing him live was great. Great technique, wonderful characters, and hilarious material.

Thanks for a great evening, and, yes, my mouth is spreading the word!

Best wishes,


FiftyNinth said...

Hey, Jay...

Thanks for the shout-out (scat-out?).

By the way, I heard your speech last night. Isn't this "the Little Show that Wood" (rather than "Could")?

Your paycheck-toting company manager, Scott