Sunday, October 15, 2006

Another week on Broadway. I am so grateful. I really have to pinch myself to realize it is all actually happening. So many people are working so hard to keep the show growing. I saw one of the ushers, John, distributing fliers to several businesses before the show. Linda, another usher, made buttons with Darwin’s picture and the caption, “Have you seen this monkey” just because she believes in the show. Paul Kreppel has actually been on the streets working the TKTS line and handing out fliers as well.

I met Larry, one of our Two and Only “evangelists” (I think the ushers call them frequent fliers) in front of the theater tonight. He has seen the show three times, twice in Boston. He keeps finding more people to bring to the show. He told me he would be back again.

Christopher was at the stage door yesterday. Christopher is an artist who came to see the show at the Atlantic Theater. I did not meet him there but I remember he sent some of his artwork back stage to me. He has been praying that the show would come back to a bigger theater. He told me his prayers were answered because here we are. I believe, too Christopher. I know there are many more supporting this show in their own way. I just feel the energy, the positive, creative spirit moving. Thank you my friends.

Two nights ago I was really under the microscope. As I looked out into the audience there were several members of the crowd with binoculars. Every time I had a character the binoculars would go up. I suppose they were trying to catch me move my lips, the ultimate compliment I suppose. I thought it was really odd, however, that several close observers would be independently at the same show. One lady was sitting in the second row already, I hope my makeup was on straight.

I will enjoy a day off but except for resting my voice, I would rather be doing the show. I cannot tell you what joy you audiences bring to this performer. Excuse me while I pinch myself again.
As you were,


Anonymous said...

I'm not the only one that believes in the show...yesterday morning I was the only one up, reading the paper. Suddenly I hear a burst of laughter coming from my son's room and then silence. I'm thinking...he must be having a funny dream. About thirty seconds later I hear "that's a monkey joke!" coming from his room. That made my morning! Earlier in the week I caught him in front of the mirror in my room with "Spaulding eyes" acting out that section of the show, word for word. Hey Jay, we now have someone to do the revival in 2040 (just kidding).

- TOO (the other one)

AJ Stokes said...

Listen about last week....

Thanks again a very entertaining evening! The show and dinner was terrific. I told John that it was so refreshing to see a great show, keeping the audience on their toes and in laugther and tears through the whole performance. I didnt like the educational bits though. I don't go to the theatre to learn! Sigh, alright I liked those bits too. I work with a children's theatre here in town and have sent your link to all the parents. Best of luck!

Anjeanette Stokes

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay - Great show! Question: do you have plans to write an autobiography at some point? That's one book I would love to read.

Mr. Pitts said...

I can't tell you how much I wish I could see the show at the Helen Hayes, but alas I'm in San Antonio and there's no way I can get to NY.. If your show ever closes in NY, not that it will of course, but if.. we have a great venue here called The Majestic.. think about it. Why do so many great ventriloqusts come from Texas I wonder? You, Ronn Lucas, Jeff Dunham. I'm from Texas myself. Originally from Amarillo, just up the highway from Abernathy. I've been through there many times. And I'd have to agree, you've come a long way. Congratulations, wow, a one man Broadway show.

I'm reading the blog regularly, keep writing, I'll keep reading.

David Pitts

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out Jay!

- Linda