Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Wiz report for Saturday.

If you've been reading our previous posts, you'll know that Jay and I have both written about "live audiences" and how a live audience makes each individual performance unique. Sometimes there are forces beyond anyone's control that make a particular performance special. Tonight it was a fly. I have, on occasion, seen a fly buzzing around the stage. They haven't bothered us, and we haven't bothered them...until now. We're having a great show tonight and Jay and Bob are in the middle of their routine and a fly buzzes right around Bob. Bob sees this fly and he and Jay both follow it with their eyes for a bit. The audience laughs and then Bob calls it a "Helen Hayes incarnate". Jay quickly tells Bob "Don't mess with the ghost." Later in the routine, in response to Jay and Bob switching voices, Jay says to Bob, "I told you not to mess with the fly", as if to say that the fly caused the voice mix-up.

We both believe in ghosts. We both believe in signs. You bet we're going to keep our eyes on this fly.

Until the next one,

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Anonymous said...

I always love your posts, Wiz.