Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Wiz report for Sunday

It's great to be back! As Jay mentioned a few days ago, I've been feeling under the weather (literally) and going straight to bed once I get home.

Spaulding...well Spaulding has been up to his old tricks. He had been leaping into the laps of the front row, but we got that problem solved and he was fine for quite awhile. Now suddenly he's into the front row again. We test him several times before each performance and he's fine. Then we get to show time and he's doing his own thing. We've got the best minds on Broadway working on this. And as suddenly as he's started this wacky behavior, he's stopped. He was right on his mark for the evening show. We're stumped.

And there was a small victory for me with "name that monkey song". I say "small victory" not because I actually won the game, but because Jay couldn't remember what the song was. When you're as far behind as I was in the game, you'll take a win any way you can get it.

On a different, more personal note, I'd just like to say "Go Mets!"

Until the next one,


Anonymous said...

Man....I thought I finally had a win with "name that monkey song" and then Jay can't remember!!! Okay, ya did four shows in two's understandable. Sometimes I can't remember what I said two minutes ago.

Man....I thought I finally had a....


Anonymous said...

The first one WAS "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik".

Yes it was.

--Another one