Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Wiz report for Wednesday

I'm sorry that this is a bit delayed - I hope you'll forgive me!

What a terrific show we had last night! Our dear friend John Ivy (you may have read some of his responses to this blog) who was our sound engineer at the Atlantic, was there. He has a terrific laugh, and I could hear his laughter throughout. It was great to hear him enjoying the show as much now as he did a few years ago.

Last night's show was a bit different for me. I have begun the process of training a "sub" (for lack of a better term) for myself. Most other Broadway shows have two and three stage managers. We have one. It's always a good idea to have more than person who knows the show. You never know what can happen. As we're going through the show, I am explaining the cues that I am calling. What do I look for? What monitor do I look at?, etc, and found myself continually saying "I don't know where to tell you to call it - I just feel it." I was thinking about that last night (and again this morning). It really is a testament to the fact that this is living, breathing theatre. It changes nightly and every night is a different ride - and it's as exciting and thrilling as the giant roller coaster.

The score of "name that monkey song" is now: monkey 7 / Wiz 1. How am I supposed to win when the song is "Great Gates of Kiev"?

Until the next one,


Anonymous said...

That's okay Wiz - I can't guess the songs either unless it's something obvious.

-the other one

Anonymous said...

To Wiz and 'The other one" (love that handel by the way)
I am a jazz monkey I always fall back on the clasical for riffs

Hint for tonight: Broadway Tune.....