Monday, October 09, 2006

When I started this blog I promised a look at a Broadway show from behind the curtain. Mostly I have been giving the view from on stage, which is fantastic. The show is working so well I could not be more proud. I can feel a connection to the audience that is electric. Everything that concerns the show is wonderful, except one thing. We are not selling enough tickets to break even. Don’t ask me why. It isn’t reviews, or publicity, or marketing or advertising. The team that runs this show is the best there is.

But you don’t need an MBA from Harvard to know a business does not survive long if it doesn’t pay for itself. Everyone believes in word of mouth, and we are sure that it can turn around given enough time. However, the cost of Broadway time is very expensive. There is some other show waiting to take over the stage and hoping we don’t make it so they can.

I never knew there would be so much negativity toward my chosen art form. I always thought New York audiences would be willing to try most anything. If they didn’t like it they wouldn’t come back and wouldn’t recommend it and then the show would close. We have had people come back four times during this run alone, that is an average of once a week. I have never heard of any one who wouldn’t recommend the show. New York just doesn’t seem to believe a show with ventriloquism in it has value. This from the town that embraced “I am my own wife” like they were there own sex slave?

Well, I believe and I will keep looking for other believers. I don’t think it is a case of this show not being ready for Broadway. Maybe the Broadway that keeps Mama Mia open for five years isn’t ready for this show.

All I can do is what Art Sieving told me to do, “The best show you can every time.” If you are planning to see this show. Come now. I know you will like it. I wish the producers would give a money back guarantee, that’s how much I believe. However, on the slim chance you don’t relate to my show, well, we start early and by the time we end you still have time to second act “The Lion King” across the street.
As you were,


roomie said...

I BELIEVE and all of us who do wish you the very best.
Carry on,
Your roomie

Anonymous said...

You give the best show every performance! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. By the way, where do you get all that energy? Can I have some?

Anonymous said...

I saw your show twice in Boston. I loved it both times. I haven't laughed that much in ages. I wish you the best of luck.