Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Wiz report for Thursday

What a fun night I had tonight. "Alternate Wiz" was with me for the show, watching just one more time to make sure he's all ready for Sunday when I am out. It's great to have him there. We have our little moments and laugh even more.

I have a couple of things tonight. First, Spaulding. My dear Spaulding decided to defy most laws of physics and rolled right off the stage again. Not sure how, not sure why, not sure if he'll do it again tomorrow. I think he likes to keep us on our toes.

Once it's time to start the show, I check in with sound to make sure that he's ready. Tonight I said "Hi friend of Gary, Lewis, and Bob" - all names that he has been called since his return a few days ago. We chuckle and guess at what the puppets may say tonight. We were all wrong - Nethernore went for "Bobby" while Darwin called him "the missing link". I guess that's a "science joke".

We had a rousing game of "name that monkey song". Just before we started the show, I gave Jay the category of "1970's tv theme songs". So the game starts and in my best stage whisper (or not) I'm shouting "Dick Van Dyke". Joe says "no, it's Green Acres" and alternate Wiz was trying to re-sing what Darwin had done. Joe won. It was "Green Acres" followed by a little bit of "Can Can". I lost again, but I am not giving up!

Not many people can say they love their job as much as I do!
Until the next one,

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the other one said...

Man... I wish I'd been there - I probably would of got that one!