Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Here is a strange perspective. It is nine-twenty in the morning; I am sitting in my New York apartment watching the Today show. Meredith just said, “Thanks to Jay Johnson and Bob for being here.” I live two blocks away from 30 Rock, where they do the Today show. I was on at eight-thirty, I did my spot with Meredith and Matt, talked to Al Roker in the hallway for a while about his Jerry Mahoney puppet, and walked home. Now I am watching the very show I was just on. This is only possible in New York City. Even at this point it feels like a dream rather than an event that just happened. I’m not even sure what we did or said.

Okay so the surrealism continues. My Mom and Dad just called, the Today show is delayed an hour for the Central time zone. They just saw me, I told them it would be live and they thought I would still be at the studio.

Richard and Rick the O and M publicity dream team were at the studio with me, as were Murphy and Paul. It was more like a party than a gig. It was great fun. Richard and Rick said they read the blog about the ghost in the window and got chills reading it. I think once you have seen the theater and have been there for more than fifteen minutes it is not hard to believe in ghosts.

Here is hoping the box office phone is ringing off the wall with Today show fans. We are the little show that could.
As you were,


Anonymous said...

Saw you this morning on Today. Yay!!!! Sounds like a party I wish I had attended.

I loved seeing Bob - you never know what's going to come out of his mouth.

Moon Dog Dancer said...

Great to see you on the Today show! Bob is pretty much incorrigible -- I'm sure they all knew that though!

I want to see you on The View next. I can just see you and Bob sitting there with Barbara and Rosie and the gang -- it would be a stitch!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking exactly what moon dog said...