Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I met with the Telecharge operators today. These are the actual people you contact if you are buying tickets to my show or any other Broadway show on line or over the phone. They are wonderful, helpful and know more about what is happening on Broadway than most producers. This is where the buzz of Broadway is first heard.

Those operators who had not yet seen my show asked me if it was appropriate for kids. We get a lot of kids and the show certainly is appropriate for all children over four years old. There is one bad word in the entire evening. The word is calculated to have an affect and gets one of the biggest reactions of the show. It is not the word itself but the set up of the scene that causes the reaction. The ushers at the Hayes are aware enough to let parents know that it will be said when they think it is necessary to say so.

That was the case when one parent had a small child in attendance several nights ago. The parent was grateful for the “heads up” and was ready for any reaction from the child. The actual line is “well get a f----ing chisel” delivered by one of the wooden actors on stage. The reaction this evening was no different than usual and the crowd went crazy with laughter. The little girl immediately turned to her Father and said, “Daddy…. What’s a chisel.”

Sometimes we parents worry about the wrong things. I know that what a child remembers from my show is not a word, but how it felt to have their imagination exercised for an evening.
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Anonymous said...

Something strange happened at the Hayes last night. After the audience had left and all was locked up, we were on our way out through the lobby door (by the box office) when, for some reason, we could not push the door open. The knob easily turned was as if someone was standing on the other side pressing their full body weight against the door to prevent us from opeing it. We thought someone might actually be playing a prank on us and holding the door (gee, I don't know anyone that would do that). When we finally pulled it one was there! We checked the door again and it opened easily.

It seems there's been a lot of stange occurrances around the theatre lately. I don't think we can blame them all on Helen.