Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Wiz report for Wednesday

The past two performances have been terrific - lots of laughter throughout. We've even gotten some very long rounds of applause where we haven't really gotten them before. Every audience sees things just a little differently.

After almost two weeks our sound engineer, Bob, is back. He has been on vacation. During his time away, we had a sound man named Gary. They are both terrific. As I learned from Jay, the letter "B" is a plosive consonant. Plosive consonants cause you to move your lips - so ventriloquists will avoid them like the plague. In the show, both Nethernore and Darwin call to the sound man, using his name. They generally start with "Hey (insert name here), give me that..." Prior to Bob's vacation, both Nethernore and Darwin would call Bob by his name. It never seemed to matter, as we know that Jay can say B words (as he does during the Bob routine). However, now that Bob is back, we're aware that he has a B name. I'm not sure what changed over the course of the past two weeks. Yesterday he was referred to as "friend of Gary". Tonight, he was actually given two names. Nethernore called him "Lewis" (Bob gave Jay permission for that - we're not sure what it means) and Darwin called him "Bob". We're having a lot of figuring out who is who and exactly how many people are running sound on any given night.

Speaking of sounds - the monkey song was either made up or not remembered. Either way, I don't have an answer for you. Maybe I'll win tomorrow, but I doubt it.

Until the next one,


the other one said...

I can't get the songs at all lately. Of course when they are made up, it's understandable. The problem is I start to laugh and get so caught up with Darwin that I forget to repeat "the song" to myself. When I don't sing it back to myself, I forget it immediately.

So Jay, when you say you can't remember the song, I understand...


Anonymous said...

Hey Wiz – can you do me a favor? When you see Roger, would you please tell him I’m sorry for nearly killing him last night? I swear it wasn’t on purpose.

Let me explain – at the end of the performance, sometimes I’m the one that opens the exit doors to the street. Last night, I’m standing by the center exit doors (I always start with the center doors) my hands on the bars, waiting to hear the music at the end of the show so I can push them open. Ok, I hear music… clapping… go! Unbeknownst to me, Roger was on the opposite side of the center doors. I think I knocked him over. Are you ok Roger? In the future, I promise to be more careful!!!!!!!! I’m not dangerous, really I’m not!

- Linda