Friday, October 20, 2006

The Wiz report for Friday

What an amazing audience! We all (me too!) laughed from beginning to end. The energy in that theatre is indescribable. I've never felt anything like that.

Usually at this point in the report I would tell you about a few interesting moments from the show. But I have to do this a little backwards tonight. You'll see why. Once I get home at the end of the night I get myself a snack, start writing the performance report, and watch Letterman. I've been watching Letterman for as long as I can remember. I watched (and recorded) every episode while he was promoting Ventriloquist Week. So I am sitting at my desk writing the performance report and watching Letterman. It's a repeat of a show that was promoting Ventriloquist Week. Dave is telling Paul that Jay and Darwin will be on. There is some discussion between them about the fact that it used to be "Jay and Bob" and now it's "Jay and Darwin" - and what happened to Bob? So I continue writing the report and I turn back to the tv just in time to hear Dave say that they found out what happened to Bob...he's given it up to become a writer. OK, I've seen ALL of these shows and I do not remember this from the first time around. I had never seen this part before. Huh! So I turn back to my computer and the very next sentence I type is: "Bob said 'You got an idea? Isn't that a revolutionary thing?'" Well there you have it - Bob just may have a second career as a writer - or maybe a re-writer.

Both Bob and Darwin had me in stitches tonight. They were both just hysterical. The monkey song was not a known song - it was something that they made up. We can't count those little jazz riffs in the scoring so no one wins tonight.

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the other one said...

You are absolutely right Wiz. There was something special that happened last night. During the last scene, there was an energy...I can't really describe it but you could actually feel the connection between Jay and the audience. Everyone in the theatre was right there, in that hotel room, with Jay, Blanche and Harry. It took my breath away.

I know Jay had said the show keeps getting better and better. I don't know how that's possible but it does. Last night I was transported with the audience. Even if there had been a song to guess and I had know what it was, I wouldn't have been able to remember. I was in Springfield that day in 1974.