Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Wiz report for Wednesday

To quote Darwin "What a crowd! Hot dang what a night!" What a fun night we had this evening. I've done nearly 200 performances of this show and I could hear laughter and responses where we've never gotten it before. Thank you, audience, for making this a fun, unique experience.

FINALLY we won "name that monkey song". I was all ready for a tv theme song, but Jay went to see the matinee of "Jersey Boys" today, so I guessed that maybe it would be a Frankie Valli song. I was right! "Sherry" was the song of the night.

In case anyone hasn't heard, we are doing "talkbacks" after the show on Wednesday night. These are always a lot of fun. It's great to hear the audiences questions and their responses to the show. If you haven't been to one of the talkbacks, I suggest you go. They are great fun and Jay always has some amazing stories to tell.

Until the next one,

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the other one said...

It was a hot crowd last night. I heard so many ooos, awes and cheering. There was a large school group - you never know how there're going to react but they were so into it!

Uh hum...need I remind everyone that I was the ONLY one that guessed correctly the night before? (Wiz - you did get that re-enactment.) Ok, I'm over it... time to move on. I have to admit I was a little slow on guessing last night but eventually got it.

Here's to another great show!