Monday, October 02, 2006

Well I’m back after not posting for a couple of days. My family is in town and we have been enjoying New York.

The Wiz is keeping you up to date on the show. It is going well, even if Spaulding is trying to pad his part recently. It was a tough weekend for me physically. I have been nursing a cold all week, able to get through a show a day, but when we get to the “five show, three day weekend” it is more problematic. Roger the back stage wooden American wrangler said on Friday, “Well we are half way through the week”. It is true we do four shows from Tuesday to Friday and four more in the next two days before a day off. Sometimes I think I am back at Astroworld doing 5 a day.

This is not a complaint. Except for the fact I need to rest my voice today, I would be back on that stage tonight. I love doing this show. This is exactly what I thought it would be, thrilling, overwhelming, every minute I get to be on this stage doing this show is a blessing.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe the emotions I one feels on opening night. Remember the cartoons when a character has a decision to make; a little angel appears on his right shoulder and a little devil on his left and they begin to argue? Well it is sort of like that only they are not devils and angels but different departments of your brain. One department is responsible for the now, doing the opening night show. The other department is the historical record what you will remember later.

At any given moment while I was performing opening night the historic voice would say something like, “Listen to that reaction, this is something you never want to forget.” At the same time the now voice says, “ Don’t forget your next line, hurry up and don’t blow the timing.” One voice is saying savor the moment forever, and the other voice is saying move on before they start throwing things. I think the Wiz used the word surreal… that it was, and in some ways continues to be.

I am always amazed at the number of people that tell me they are reading his blog. Bless you. You are a member of a unique club. As a matter of fact as a special bonus for you bloggies, go to and check it out.
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Anonymous said...

The front of house enjoys having you there as well and we hope you stay for a while. You make us laugh at every performance!