Friday, October 06, 2006

I have done at least seven interviews this week as well as the shows at night. For the guy who brags he did 918 performances one summer, I really can’t admit that it is exhausting. Besides every bit adds up, and every interview has the potential of bringing in more audience. That really is the goal: To have as many people see this show as we can. You might think it would be easier to just film it, release it to HBO or some other mass media outlet in several venues at once. Well, that might work for some things but not this show.

This show is a live event. Immediacy, and intimacy are major characters in this play, and this art form. My art form was discovered thousands of years ago before there was any way to reproduce a performance. The magic happens in real time on stage one performance at a time. And I am willing to do it one show at a time for as long as it takes. There is no other way. It is "hand made", one of a kind, not mass produced. My mentor Art Sieving is probably the poster boy for that metaphor.
I am starting to use the term “converts”. I talk to so many people after the show that say they were not sure they wanted to see a show about ventriloquism. Or maybe they were dragged to the show by their spouse. Afterwards they tell me how moved, how informed or how much they laughed. They had an experience they did not expect.

I wish I could in some way take personal credit. But I am only the switch not the electricity. What a person feels when they see my show is created and owned only by them. How someone reacts to art is the power and beauty of art but it is not created by the art itself. Art is the catalyst, the switch. The emotional reaction is created by the observer’s imagination, and that is what makes it unique.

Appearing nightly at the Helen Hayes Theatre, your imagination. Come discover it.
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Appearing nightly at the Helen Hayes Theatre, your imagination. Come discover it.

Now THERE is a great tagline, Jay!