Sunday, October 08, 2006

If you go to the Two and Only main menu, click on “The Show” and then go to “History” you will find a wonderful story. It is accompanied by a picture of “The three and only”, Paul, Jay and Murphy. It is our story, but it only tells the genesis of the show. It can’t begin to tell the whole story.

Paul and Murphy, I alternately call my playmates, the other two, dream team, Frick and Frack and Trixie and Pinky, among other names. They are my directors, collaborators, producers, cheerleaders, hand holders, crying shoulder, spiritual support, spelling checker, protector and most importantly friends. Since I arrived in New York I have constantly been asked, “How does it feel to be on Broadway?” No matter what wonderful adjective I use to describe that feeling it can’t come close to the feeling of having friends like Murphy and Paul. They are more than friends, we are family.

When you come to my show at the Helen Hayes you will see something you will probably never see on Broadway again. You will see director/producers handing out fliers, talking to the crowd and promoting the show on the spot. By now most directors would have flown back to LA and be sipping vodka by the pool recounting the stories of an exciting New York opening night. But here they are, still working for the show. Of the hundreds of times I have performed The Two and Only in four cities they have been absent from the audience only a dozen times. Now that is a show business Broadway record, never to be matched.

I try to tell them how much this all means to me and how much they personally mean to me but I am running out of adjectives and ways to say it. So, do me a favor. Come to the show, afterwards find Murphy and Paul and tell them thanks. This show would not be here if not for them. Murphy and Paul will be easy to find, they will be the ones radiating joy and friendship while handing out fliers and smiles.
As you were,


Alan8 said...

Jay my name is Alan I was at your show yesterday October7 at 2:00. Since you didnt say where you got Darwin. Where did you get him?

John Ivy said...

Do as Jay says, folks!
Don't be thrown off by the fact these guys are from LA - they're really genuine!
I ran the show at the Atlantic, and I still talk of my days on this show as the most satisfying experience I've ever had in a live theater - it really is like a family, but one that doesn't bicker at Christmas, which is even better.