Monday, April 20, 2015

Cy Brinson

Before she changed her name to Cy she was Cindy Brinson to me. We both came from Dallas and her Uncle was my older Brother's boss during his college days.  Cindy was a singer and a piano player and we both ended up in Houston working for the Astroworld live show department after college.  When I reported to rehearsal in the Summer of 1971 Cindy was my only friend.  She was now married to Trey Wilson whom I would come to admire as one of the most talented people I have ever known.
I remember distinctly one evening as we left rehearsals Cindy said to me, "This is going to be a great summer.  Sandi Asbury said working with you was going to be a blast."  
"Sandi.. the beautiful dancer said that?"  I replied in astonishment.  I had an immediate crush on Sandi but had no idea she even knew I was in the cast.  I suddenly thought I might have a chance with her. Turns out a year later Sandi and I were married. (by the same preacher who married Cindy and Trey)
Cindy played the piano during the five shows a day we did at the Crystal Palace.  She was the one who observed every show and every prank we played first hand.  Some of the time we were doing things on stage just to crack Cindy up.  She had the greatest smile.
Cindy even went with Sandi and a group of University of Houston performers on a USO tour for two months the Christmas before we were married. Sandi and I lived in Houston for a couple of years and saw Cindy and Trey on a regular basis.

Cindy stayed in Houston as Sandi and I left for Hollywood.  Most of the kids from the USO tour were making their way to the coast to pursue show business. Cindy stayed and became a highly acclaimed jazz musician jumping head first into her music.  She changed her name when she and Trey were divorced. 
We would hear rumors about Cy Brinson and her popularity in Houston, but eventually lost touch personally. Typical show business, you meet, you laugh, you love and you leave. Friends forever even if you never see them again. 
A year ago I got an email from Cy Brinson it was out of the blue after 40 years of radio silence.  It was a long letter catching up on what she had been doing for these last decades.  The story included a incident during a tour her group was playing in Russia.  It seems that two of the guys in her group were gay.  As she and the two guys were walking back to their Hotel after dinner one night, they were attacked by some homophobic Russian bullies.  They beat up the two gay men severely and when Cy went to help, the hoodlums threw her to the sidewalk where she hit her head on the curb.  As it turned out she was hurt more seriously than the guys but she didn't know it at the time.  
After experiencing head aches and sever anxiety she went to her Doctor back in Texas.  He concluded that the injury to her head had damaged her brain severely, and these headaches and depression were symptoms of that incident.  There was nothing to be done but prescribe medications to help with the side effects.
Her letter went on to say that she went to a family cabin in the woods to recuperate and basically became a hermit. There she developed even more symptoms.  She became agoraphobic and could not be in a crowd of more than three people. She lost all interest in the piano and singing but developed hypergraphia, a condition that caused her to write and drawn compulsively.  She was either writing or drawing the entire time she was awake each day. She finished several books and hundreds of paintings.  She had come through that phase and was now reaching out to reconnect with her old friends.  We continued to email back and forth.  She became a fan of my blog commenting occasionally and that is the way it was until about 5 months ago.
That's when I got a friend request from Cy Brinson on FaceBook. I quickly accepted and directed her to some of her other friends I knew were on Facebook.  Over these last few months she posted pictures of herself and her art work and old black and white photos from the USO tour.  It was great to be back in touch with Cy... Cindy.  I thought this was perhaps the best use for Facebook, a person who wants to reconnect with old friends but could not be with more than three of them at a time in real life.  All of us were so happy to be back in touch with Cy.  It seemed like an empty space in our hearts had been restored.  
Last week in an effort to think about my own spiritual leanings I wrote a blog on my idea of Life Eternal. Cy wrote a comment:  

Cy Brinson Your timing was perfect for me today. Thank you. Thank you. Did I say, "Thank you?"
The thumbs up "like" was mine.  It was the last communication we had. A week later (last Saturday morning) she took her own life breathing helium until she went to sleep and never woke up. The official cause of death was self inflicted suffixation. It was planned in every small detail and she left a letter to all of us to "explain". In fact, the reaching out to all her old friends and joining Facebook was part of that plan.  We didn't know she was saying good bye. 
Her best friend said  "In Cy's world Saturday (the day she died) was a great day." 
It was the depression that finally got her.  That feeling of hopelessness that never goes away in spite of any happy circumstances.  She said she could not cope with it any more. In her letter she said, "It is difficult when people all around you say, you seem so happy.  You don't seem depressed."  She made the analogy that is was like treading water as hard as you can in the ocean just to keep from drowning and people on a passing cruise ship see you out there.  They smile and wave and assume you are having as good of a time as they are.  It is the classic dismissal most people give to depression.
It is very hard on those who "knew her when" to reconnect with her only to have that connection severed so quickly.  Music, Art, Literature, Laughter and happiness have all taken a huge hit with her exit.  The event that caused her so much anguish was the result of cruel intolerance and violence, two ideas that Cy most certainly did not indulge in. A beautiful friend, who was a loving and kind soul. It is tragic on so many levels.
We all miss you Cy/ Cindy,

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Duty Calls

I will not be posting for a few days. Here is the reason.... it's absolutely true and I want to make it sound as mysterious as possible.  
I have been called to serve my country.  I can't say any more about the mission now. However, I've been given permission to write about it with photographs,  but only after I am back.
Tomorrow I catch a plane that will land on an Air Craft Carrier at Sea.  I'm not sure where it is, they didn't say and I didn't ask. I won't be alone. Most of the members of the squad are good friends but I don't know the guys they call Ghost. (If you know the theme song to "Mission Impossible" or know any of the James Bond music... now would be a good time to play that theme in your head while I tell you the rest)
None of the people I am traveling with know that I have been on a mission like this before and on this same Carrier.  We have a few days to come together as a unit, perform our duties and be successful.
We could face danger....(if you still have the music playing in your head picture Bryan Williams saying the rest)
I was told by some one representing the Admiral that this trip would be an Adventure for all of us.  I looked up the actual definition of ADVENTURE and it is: an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risk. Am I afraid? This is not a cruise ship. This is an armed nuclear powered Air Craft carrier. Of course - I know this is the real thing but, I actually feel very comfortable with the United States Navy in charge. 
My brother tells me the two of  us visited our Dad when he was a Commander on a WW2 Air Craft Carrier.  I was too young to remember. My Dad was defined in some ways by his career in the Navy, so I have always known there is US Navy in my blood.  This time I plan to make sure I absorb it in every detail. 
Mysterious enough... all true. More later.
As you were,

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

And now for something Different

This is the text picture I got from my Son on Sunday Evening.  His first refrigerator in his own apartment. He got a good deal and free delivery, on a Sunday in the span of an hour and a half of purchase. I knew this was one of those adult/parent moments that social media was made for:  Getting a refrigerator in your apartment means you have officially moved in.  I "stickered" him back a thumbs up icon. We shared a Father/Son moment digitally.

Before ---
Perhaps it's my dyslexia but I realized the problem immediately upon seeing the picture of the refrigerator in place. Soon he would realized it as well. I wondered if we were having the same thoughts. The realization that sometimes when you get a quick bargain it comes with surprises. All sales final means you have to live with your mistakes. The one thing you need in a small kitchen is correct use of space.
I didn't wait very long to Text him back.
"It opens the wrong way but that can be changed."
I didn't know for sure the hinge of a refrigerator door could be reversed. I never did it before nor even considered the possibility. It was my Fatherly way of saying "don't worry, it will work out." My intent was to try and "fix" it the next day although I was not sure what that meant.  In that moment I flashed on my own Dad coming to my house to "help me" fix something.  I had a mental file of tainted memories of these times and it was not a pleasant one.
Those encounters never seemed to occur drama free. The job eventually was done but not before emotions and often breakables were sacrificed.  Unfortunately my boys saw much of the same behavior from me as they were growing up.  I have a better since of mechanics than my Dad, and I am better with hand tools, than my Dad. But my short fuse approach to common repairs is definitely his method.
This method starts with the tools used. All repairs should be done with a screw driver, a hammer and a pair of pliers. All other tools are "a lazy mans way of doing things. When I grew up we didn't have the money to buy fancy tools" he would say.  At some point neither the hammer nor the screw driver would be right for the task. If pliers could not accomplish it,  my Dad moved to Defcon 2.  This meant cursing loudly, screaming at the problem loudly, throwing the hammer and yelling the "Stupid thing is impossible to fix."  Only then, after cleaning up whatever the hammer broke, would the solution come clear on how to handle the task.  I think I learned that pattern a little too well growing up.

With that in mind I go to the apartment to survey the project.  It seems like a socket wrench and Phillips screw driver would be all that is needed. Although a YouTube video tutorial on how to re-hang a Refrigerator door suggested I would need a special kind of screwdriver with a six pointed star driver.  I thought I had that as well. So back to my house to get the tools and return to attempt a project for/and/with my Son. 
The cheap socket driver I had for the appropriate bolt size was plastic and broke before the third bolt was loosened.  My Son saw what happened and took a step back.  I felt that old pattern coming up from the tips of my fingers. The words "Stupid thing" were forming in my mind, but I did something I had never done before.  I laughed.  (Probably because I had no hammer to throw).  The calm helped me figure out a rag tag way to secure the socket bit to another driver... (Also cheap and not well constructed)  It would work for a moment then it would slip and all the parts would fall on the floor. All effort stopped to re-arrange the parts and tool. The fourth or fifth time this happened I was ready to explode. My grown Son was watching and waiting for it.  In his eyes I saw myself watching my Father from the past in a similar situation. But for some reason it was still funny to me. Seeing it as humorous kept it from seeming impossible. Finally the make shift driver broke as well and the project was stalled.  The doors were off the refrigerator and parts were carefully placed in the order they came off. My Son had taken pictures of the steps, but until we got a tool that could finish the job we were stuck.
We made our way to the hardware store.  I remembered that my boys never did care to go with me to the hardware store in the past.  Here we were on a pleasant trip to find a solution to a common problem. Something was different and I knew it. It was because so far a Johnson meltdown had not occurred.  
I found the perfect tool for the job, a Black and Decker 1/4" socket wrench.  Not inexpensive but perfect for what was needed. We returned to the door less Refrigerator. 
Before we left it seemed like a simple task to just reverse the hardware like a mirror image of the original and put the doors back.  But the break had confused us both, and combined with my dyslexia I spent some time doing the wrong thing. In one case I put a hinge right back on the place I had taken it from an hour before. But I was on a roll now, I was determined to break a pattern of behavior and not break something in my Son's new apartment.  The final three screws were eventually tightened and it was fixed. In that instant the small kitchen had twice the room with the Refrigerator door open. And one could actually open it  and look inside without hiding in the corner and sucking in your gut. 

Lesson learned here. I hope it is a change in the way I approach things in the future. My Son said, "I had no idea that could be done, I thought I was just going to have to live with it that way."  I agreed but I think he was talking about the Refrigerator doors.
As you were,

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Absolute is also Vodka

I can truly only write what my mind dwells on.   I often quote my inspiration Spalding Gray who said, "I can not make up the lie that tells the truth." That seems to be my mantra and my limitation. I am baffled by writers who can write about a world so different from themselves and make that fantasy believable.  They also seem to be the ones who become the most successful. 
For the last few weeks I have been waxing philsophical, examining what I believe, thinking about religion and what it means, especially to me. I would love to write some funny anticdotes and I am sure I will later but for now all that I can really consider is the heady concepts of eternal life and consciousness. 
I know why dwelling on this particular thinking has engrossed me. This is how the current journey began.

About three weeks ago,  I posted a blog about a frightening moment I experienced on board an airplane.   It had a happy ending and I got to write about it.  Double Bonus. A gift to this compulsive writer albeit a little macabre to think of it.  But this philosophical frenzy did not start because of some "near death experience" on that airplane,  it began after I wote about the event.

I received this comment on the story: "Jay, as your friend, if you had died in a plane crash yesterday, do you know where you would be spending the rest of eternity? and why?"
That is a philosophical "essay question" if I ever heard one.  It's the last word that hooked me, "WHY"
I considered the question very carefully before posting an honest response in the same comment section of that blog. But the word "Why" will always lure me to deeper considerations. 

Instictively I knew the subtext of the comment, which is:  Was I "saved?"  Not saved from a near tragic areonautical disaster, but "saved" in the Christian sense of the word. I knew the response this reader was looking for.  As a child I grew up repeating this answer to similar questions.  "I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ  and absolved of all of my transgressions because he died on a cross for my sins." 
But then there's that word "Why". 

Why does the death of a self proclaimed Rabbi two millinea ago have any affect on my relation to Deity or Consciousness of eternity? Other than just accepting the concept of cosmic sacrifice at face value what do I really think?  It is much more difficult to craft my own concept to sync with my inner truth. That is because when it comes to these spiritual matters I was taught WHAT to think not HOW to think. I was taught WHAT to say but not HOW to think about it.  I am grateful to Universal Mind for the gift of a rabid curiosity. It compels me to seek my own answer to WHY?  Why am I supposed to think that? Why does it only work that way?  Thanks to a comment on a blog I can think of little else for now.  Words in any language are insufficient to describe the spiritual or the eternal qualities of Life and labels tend to confine the larger picture. The idea of God is too great to be contained but, here it is as simple as I can express the way I feel. 

I am an Absolutist.
I am Absolute in that I am
I believe conscious existence (God by whatever name) is Absolute, and man is individualized confirmation of that Absolute existence.  Man is Absolute awareness of Absolute existence.
That's it. That is my life's philosophy. 

Knowing this you can read on - over my shoulder if you wish. Although I am not sure the person who started this philosophical avalanche is reading now, it is of no matter... I have to explain it to myself any way. 
If you do continue reading....."keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out." - Walter Helmhurst 
If you do not wish to continue reading-  have a great day. Know that nothing stated here will change, increase, influence or affect your relationship to the Omniscient- Omnipotent existence of Absolute Truth. Absolute remains unchanged either way. Namste. 

adjective: absolute

  1. 1
    not qualified or diminished in any way; total.
    "absolute secrecy"
    synonyms:completetotalutterout-and-outoutrightentire, PERFECT, puredecided

I believe the substance of conscious existence is Absolute Truth. Absolutism by its own nature and definition has to be Monotheistic.  In whatever form you wish to visualize it and by whatever name you wish to call IT, the influencing animating force of all Life is Absolute, "Complete" "Total" "Perfect and "Pure".  A Supreme Being has to be Absolute or It is neither Supreme nor being.  

But, that differes from WHAT I was told to think in Christian teaching. Rather than  Absolute Power I am supposed to give God the relative position of a Father. A rather forgetful Father who needs to be asked politely and specifically for all favors big and small. A Father who needs to be reminded of even my most basic needs. His protection and Love are conditional on the observance of rules and rituals that differ greatly among all the established Monotheistic religions. And this Father God needs to be thanked constantly for granting my needs. If I ask in the right way, and thank him for his Love and my prayer is not granted, only then do I accept that God is Omniscient and knows what is best for me.  
These "relative conditions" can not exist in the mind of Absolute Supreme Being. Omniscience is neither forgetful, uninformed nor can it be withholding. Absolute is Absolute.

Here comes the HOW. How does Jesus fit into Absolutism? WHAT I was told to think is this: The horrible execution of a Jewish Rabbi 2000 years ago was a surrogate and substitution for my own horrible death and eternal punishment. That event was the ultimate cosmic sacrifice. WHY? Why would Absolute Omniscience have need for the ritual of a physical sacrifice. I can't think of a reason Why. 
Absolute Truth would say that the life of Jesus is much more important than his death.  Did he die so I could live? Or did he live to teach Absolute Love so I could understand HOW to exist in that consciousness too? Taking away the idea that Jesus died for humanity does not diminish his contribution to my salvation, in fact it makes it more important that I practice his ethics.  His mission was to teach me HOW to think,  not WHAT to think in order to avoid my own responsibilities.  His lessons, his life examples his Absolute commitment to Truth would be unchanged if I knew nothing of his birth or death. He lived in constant contact with the Absolute and gave us the mission to do likewise, not to do the work for us.  

Abolute life has no beginning and no end. Absolute Conscious existence does not end with death nor start with conception. Eternity is the constant consciousness of my individual connection to the Absolute Truth. 

I can  hear the crackling noise of Bible pages turning to find rebutal to this Absolute Philosophy. Fair warning,  I am not interested in passages from an ancient text that once again tell me WHAT I should think. I am only interested in Why.  

As you were,

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Is Life Eternal?

One day it dawned on me that according to what I was taught in Sunday School my life is Eternal. Even when my body dies "I" will continue to exist for eternity till infinity.  The way I interpreted it no matter what I did on Earth, I would still exist eternally.  If I was "Good" I would live eternally happy, and if I was "Bad" I would live eternally miserable.  My behavior had nothing to do with the fact that my "life" was eternal. That was a spiritual fact.  Simply stated it was up to me to interpret the rules to experience a better eternal vacation once I chucked off this mortal coil. 
Life without end is easy to visualize because I can't conceive of existence without my current consciousness. In philosophical terms, it is impossible to exist without consciousness because I only know I exist because I am conscious of it. It is not a play on words it is an existential truth.

So if I am living a life that is eternal when did that eternity start? I was told by that same Sunday School teacher that my life started at the moment I was born. The moment I was separated from my mothers womb, the eternity clock started ticking.  The older I got the more that didn't make sense. 
The fact is, eternity can't start. Eternity is "without beginning and without end".  If eternity starts, then there is a moment when eternity did not exist and that is impossible.  Even the allegoric interpretation of "The Beginning" in the Bible indicates that some form of intelligence was around before anything physical existed. Eternal Life/consciousness of some kind was there to observe the inception of the physical. 

Lately there is an opinion that "life" (eternal Life) begins at the moment of conception. There is no doubt that physical life begins at that moment, we can observe this scientifically. But is it self supporting life, capable of independent existence earlier than about 7 months of development? No. To be clear we are talking about the physical shell that is not self sufficient before that time, but what about "Life" eternal.  When does that "begin"?  It can't.  But IF you accept this theory that Eternal Life/ Infinity starts at human conception we have to readjust what we consider deity.
Who or what is the creator of eternal life if it begins at human conception? We have two options: the human female egg or the human male sperm. It seems that one of these small cells is capable of "creating the eternal, infinite clock that will never end." Their chemical combination is so powerful as to create not just human life but eternal life as well. Yet neither sperm nor egg is immortal.  Nor do they have life of their own outside the human body. This would seem to break, not only the spiritual rule of eternity but the laws of thermal dynamics as well.  

The Bible is full of parables.  I suggest one of my own here.  I have a car.  I love my car, it is not like any other car. Although similar to others it is mine and I identify with it and have made it my own. In fact people who know me well can see this particular car and say... "That's Jay's car."  I control everything that the car does.  I can make it go fast, go slow, stop, go, I can drive it safely or I can use it to create hazards and danger. The car is just a vehicle I control.  
If there was a super race of Aliens looking on Earth from so far away that the smallest thing they could observe was a car, they would think cars are independent intelligence beings. They would think the earth was populated by these metallic beings. These cars would be observed to go here and there controlled by reason and moved with logic. If they were really observant they would notice my car. It would move in a pattern and path that was strictly under some independent individual  control. To them that car would be me.   
Several years ago these Aliens would see the metallic me sitting on the street when another drunken metallic being smashed into me. The metallic me is so badly damaged it would never move on its own again. Other metallic beings would haul me off to some junk yard to rot in silence and stillness. To the Aliens they would have observed the death of what they knew as metallic Jay Johnson. 
On a micro level I was not killed only my car was totaled. I got a very generous insurance check and decided to purchase another car specially ordered from the factory.  The Aliens could observe my new car being assembled, shipped and delivered to my door.  Soon the new shiny metallic being would begin to move on its own.  The Aliens would have observed what they thought was birth. In reality the metallic beings have nothing to do with conscious birth, death or life nor are they any part of the human race except existing for a time as a tool.  

It is a metaphor, a parable. I am not a car, a car is not me. By the same reason I am not a body and a body is not me. Most religious philosophies agree with that last sentence. 
I have been the "animator/driver" of several cars in my life time. I existed before those cars were manufactured  and I existed after they were wrecked and scraped. 
If the car I ordered was scraped before I took delivery, I would simple order another and that vehicle would become my car. Destroying my car does not destroy me. 
Life never began and it will never end. If it has no ending as most religions teach, then it can not have a beginning. It can change form, it can assume a different shape it can originate new identities of itself but there is no human chemical reaction that creates eternity. 

Only my opinion, I am sure yours is different.
As you were,

Friday, April 03, 2015

Easter - Passover - Good Friday

Here is the problem with language. Written language in particular.
Words are constructed by arranging letters of the alphabet in an accepted and agreed upon code. A combination of words becomes a sentence.  Sentences are words arranged to convey complete thoughts.  Sentences combine to form paragraphs and the imagery continues to expand.  These conjured images are highly subjective and individual. No two people have exactly the same perspective. The mental image that written language congers in the human mind is not an exact science. 

Let's take for example the word EASTER.  It means many different things to many different people. There are Religious associations, seasonal associations, celebratory associations and family memories all connected with the concept of the word Easter.  To be neither a sentence nor a paragraph it conveys a universe of images.
Easter is celebrated during Spring.  Spring, a season of new beginning. After an unforgiving winter life, which seemed dead to the world, springs back into existence. Easter roughly corresponds to a shift in the orbit of the Earth when light is replacing darkness. A moment in astronomical time called the Vernal Equinox. Life on the Earth appears to be resurrected from the dead. The the newness of life is all around.

This new beginning was celebrated long before it became associated with the traditions of the Jewish Passover or the Christian Resurrection of Christ.  Even Pagans knew that things were changing during this time of the year. The metaphors celebrated in these different traditions are strikingly similar.
The Passover celebrates a release from bondage and the promise of a new life for some people.  The Resurrection of Jesus proclaims and celebrates the release from sin and the Salvation of a new life. for some people.

There is even symbolism in the Easter Egg. An egg is the beginning of life. It is the promise of a new creation.  The colored eggs become symbolic seeds of bright colors and new ideas ready to bring forth a new day. 
All this to say, no matter what Easter means to you I hope you celebrate in a way that makes you rejoice in the Newness of  Now and see God all around.
As you were,

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Separation of Church and State

Here is why separation of Church and State is a not only a good idea but a necessary concept for Freedom. Most people think that Constitutional separation of Church and State was designed to make sure that the government could not mandate a participation in a Religion.  The idea being that Americans would be free to practice any Religion in any way that they choose or not participate at all if that is their desire.
Some groups think that the government is limiting their Freedom of Religion these days. For them nothing short of acknowledgment that America was founded on the Principles of one Christian religion would be good enough. They believe the American government should be run on the principles of Christianity. However, Christians can't even agree on what those principles would be.   So with names like "Religious Freedom Act" they are trying to make secular laws that conform to a singluar religious way of thinking. These laws are nothing but the attempt to leigslate their own interpretation of judgement.  That very law would restrict my freedom as an American if it differes from my belief.

The main reason I believe the Founding Fathers designed a separation of Church and State in the constitution was to protect the people from the rule of Religion. In order to form a more perfect union the writers of the Constitution realized that Religious states and Church run governments were toxic to real freedom. After centuries of watching Church leaders dominate governments and Kings claiming to be divine , the Founding Fathers decided to divide the idea of what is Church and what is State. The only way to insure complete feedom was to keep the government out of the Church. It is the perfect two way street, Government can't dominate chuches.... but by the same Constitutional mandate the Church can not run the government.  
Why a Church, particularly a Christian one, would claim they have a right to discriminate and be judgmental toward any other human flies in the face of the supposed Jesus ethic that they claim to live by.  Where in the Bible does Jesus condem homosexuality? When did Jesus preach that life begins at conception? The leaders of his day even condemed Jesus for his practice of associating with "sinners, tax collectors, prostitutes and lepers". Where is the story of Jesus casting out the demon of "Gayness" from a person in the throng?  
Passing laws like the Indianna Freedom of Religion Act have nothing to do with Freedom or Religion. These are attempts to combine Church and State through the back door.  Organized religion is trying to legislate their own personal brand of Dogma.
Keeping the Government out of the Church is important.... but keeping the Church out of Government is equally important to Freedom.  
What absolutely IS in the Bible is Jesus talking about a Roman coin... "Render that which is Ceasars up to Ceasar and that which is God's to God". That is a clear and perfect statement of Separation of Church and State.
As you were.

Curtain Down on the World Stage

I have been writing this blog for more than 38 years starting during the Reagan Presidency.I remember posting three - sometimes four times a day for several months in succession without time off. We all thought we were contributing to the cause back then.  I recounted every story I know and some I do not remember in numerous posts here on the blogosphere.  How many thousands of words is that? (A lot- if you consider the average blog post of 2248 characters is the equivalent of 24 type written pages.) I still remember those early days of live blogging during the O.J Simpson trial.  Al Gore called us the original Tweeting Napster's for stealing television news stories and turning them into running (now they call it streaming) text.  

It's a monster, this InterWeb of digital connectivity. It has a veracious appetite. It keeps demanding more and more often. 

The reason for this ravenous consumption of concepts is: Attention span for the Internet is exponentially decreasing at twice the rate of the increase of available content. Since the World Wide Web was first put up on line in 1958 till now, 93% of all facts can be checked in less than .3760 trigiseconds or less. That is to say only 7% of the worlds information cannot be cleared in milliseconds. For that information it takes an average of .9335 seconds for verification. This means any facts or statistics that might be quoted as true are 63% more likely to be false. Facts are checked for accuracy 43% less now, than 7 years ago. This was a time before alkaline batteries.   It is a huge data base and we must feed it.  I have tried to do my share, But, the Intersphere has digested my thousands of words and is still hungry. Here is my parting shot as a pioneer blogger.....

When presidential hopeful Ted Cruz was asked if he thought the division in congress was caused by ignorance, or apathy.  Sen. Cruz immediately stated, "I don't know... and I don't care."

So with that I am "closing" the blog until further notice*. No more words to type.  No more thoughts to share and no more apologies to make for the thoughts I chose to share. Until such time as my fingers heal and I can type once more, here is a summer reading list linked for your convenience.

Until we meet again, Thank you for all your help and encouragement for me to continue.
As you were,

*PS... Consider this further notice. I'm not going anywhere. Happy April Fools Day..... At what point did none of those facts add up to you.  This is a repeat of the gag I did in 2013, if you do not remember then you are either a new reader or old person.
Monday, April 01, 2013