Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brookledge Theatre
The most exclusive theatre in Los Angeles happens to be the most famous address in Magic.  You can read more about the famous Brookledge theatre in an LA Times article which ran a couple weeks ago.
I was asked to perform at this month's presentation, of the Brookledge Follies last Friday,  September 24th. This happened to coincide with the birthday party of Irene Larson (Princess and landlord of the property) as well. There was no mention of age and no candles on the cake for the senior blond who speaks with Marlene Dietrich's accent.  
This is a picture of me and Mike Caveney on stage setting some props before the audience arrived.  Mike, friend and fellow member of the Left-Handed League, lent his talents to play Bill Toob the Master of Ceremonies.  Mike pointed out a couch in the back of the room where Orson Wells used to hold court and do slight of hand. 
Brookledge Theatre was the inspiration to the creation of the Magic Castle started by Irene Larson's husband Bill and his brother Milt who grew up in this magical mansion. Milt was in attendance and provided the champagne for the evening.  I wish I had recorded the stories he told about his memories of the old house.
Originally it was the demonstration studio of Floyd Thayer, famous magician and builder of magical effects and props. When a client wanted to see what the effect would look like on stage they merely had to look up to see Thayer perform it.  That was back in the 1910 and 20's. Today the theatre has been designated a State Historical site and was rarely used until Erika Larsen, grand daughter Bill Larsen senior who acquired the house from Thayer, decided to produce shows again once a month.
The Sept. Brookledge Follies show was great fun.  It was a vaudeville show in all its glory with magic, singing, comedy and ventriloquism. The "by invitation only" audience was a noted group of new performers like Brett.... the youngest sword swallower in the world, to veterans like Sigfried, the Sigfried half of Sigfried and Roy. Mike Lacey, owner of the Comedy and Magic Club, and wife Kathy were there.  Magic Castle board members and luminaries dotted the audience.The rumor is that Steve Martin wasn't there because the guest list was full by the time he expressed interest in coming.  I thought there was room for one more, but it really is an exclusive show and the theatre has less than 70 seats in its intimacy.
Outside the theatre the grounds include several levels of steps and bridges, with stone work, trees and lots of Gnomes and witches in effigy. A virgin section of the LA river runs through the grounds and literally under the theatre which gives the whole area an other worldly patina.  The river is the reason for the name.. Bookledge, since it does indeed occupy the ledge of the brook.  
All theatres are haunted and the older they are the more visceral the ghostly feelings.  This one is spook central and one day I hope to commune with these shades when there are no other humans around.
What a great honor and excitement to do this show and perform on this stage.
As you were,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Information:  Several people have asked about the red case I wrote about last week. It is a hard case built by Victorinox... the Swiss Army Knife company ~ JKJ
A Thousand Words 
I figure my average blog entry averages about 500 words on any given day. So the quote goes "a picture is worth a thousand words".  If that is true then here is a picture what will make up for two days worth of blogging.  Often I just draw, sketch and paint "objects", but once in a while a piece says exactly what I want it to say.  I wish that would happen more but I am excited when it does.  This picture was inspired by John McClean's lecture on Sunday.  I call it "The Road to Why".  I sit looking at it wondering how many words it would take to explain it.
As you were,

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ode to the Unknown Photo
I have my computer screen saver set to randomly select pictures I have taken and show them in a montage. When I return to the computer from a break it is great to see a screen full of memories. 
There are times when one picture is partially hidden behind another and I want to click on it to see it better, but of course that disengages the screen saver and that random set of pictures disappears.  It could be a long time before I see a particular picture again if I don't hunt for it in the file.
Then there is the occasional shot that appears for which I have no memory nor explanation. (Like the one above). It looks like it could have been an accidental shot, but I do not recognize this wall, fence or whatever it is. I don't know when I was there.  I guess I can make up any story I want.  I just wish it was a little more compelling than a concrete wall.
As you were,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Taylor

Happy birthday Sonny

Harvest Moon
On Monday when we were having dinner on the ship,  we had a lovely table that looked over the ocean. The waitress looked out the window and said, "Oh look it is a full moon."  Sandi laughed and then gave me a look which I have come to know means... "leave it alone".  That is because I am a "moon phase dilettante".  It was not a full moon, and in fact several days away from it. Normally I would have corrected anyone who tries to claim a full moon when it is simply waxing.
I was born in the middle of July on the night of a full moon,  so I am a moon child by birth.  I didn't always know my astronomical connection to the moon, but I was fascinated by the moon from the moment I knew what it was.  
It was no accident for me that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in the month of July the week of my birthday.  It all seemed to make sense to me.  When I was working clubs the excuse for a really good crowd, or a really bad crowd, or a really rowdy crowd was "Full moon".  There are more babies born during a full moon than most other times of the month. There is more crime, more accidents and more suicides during a full moon. 
Since the moon phase and orbit affects the tides, the moon controls the cycle of many different types of sea life.  The grunion run on a full moon, certain clams only open during a full moon.  The more you look at it more the moon seems to affect a lot on the earth.  
Last night was a rare Harvest Moon.  According to Wikipedia here is some information on the Harvest moon:
The Harvest Moon comes soon before or soon after the autumnal equinox. It is simply the full moon closest to that equinox. About once every four years it occurs in October (in the northern hemisphere), depending on the cycles of the moon. Currently, the latest the Harvest Moon can occur is on October 7.
In 2010, in the United States, the Harvest Moon happens in the early morning hours of Sept 23, only 5 1/2 hours after the autumnal equinox.
The emphasis is mine. This year, for the first time since the 50's the Harvest Moon was actually on autumnal equinox. I'm not sure what that means symbolically but since it doesn't happen that often I like to think that it is a very good omen, especially for us moon children.
The reason it is called a Harvest moon is because a full moon during the harvest time of the year allowed farmers to extend the hours of their harvest until after dark because it lit up the field.
This is a picture I took of the Harvest moon as it crested above the trees across the street.  No picture really does the moon justice, and especially this one.  However, I wanted to document the phenomenon. To have seen this site in person, the moon would have seemed ten times bigger and much more orange. The next full moon will occur in the United States on Friday, October 22, 2010.  I'll be waiting.
As you were,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Self Portrait 
I think I have several photos like this.  Me taken by me at some memorable place. However, that will change soon.  
Friends Shane and Scott happened to be traveling on the same ship I performed on over the Weekend.  It was just one of those fateful bookings. They had planned the trip for a long time and I was booked last minute to fill in for a couple of days.  Sandi went with me and we had a great time actually being passengers with our friends. 
Scott had a really cool table top tripod for his camera and took several timer shots of the four of us.  It folded up to a size not much longer than the digital camera itself and was very discreet.  Sandi and I both thought it was a great idea, and lusted openly for it. 
The next day we met Scott and Shane for dinner and they gave us one of those cool tripods.  I guess they had two on the trip and just needed one.  So now I will be able to be in some of the pictures I take from now on.  Thanks to TheBoyce for a very early Christmas gift.  It was a pleasure to hang with you on the "Radiance of the Rhapsody"...

As you were,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Love for the TSA
So this is a new" head case" I just got to carry Bob, Darwin and the other boys on. It replaces a pelican case that was great but just a few inched too small to fit everything comfortably. Although I often got hassled at the TSA with the old case usually an explosive test was all that was needed. Suddenly with this case at San Francisco airport they wanted take everything out, test each puppet and then run them back through the Xray individually. When I made a move to unpack the case this over weight woman in a security uniform meant for a much smaller human told me I couldn't touch the case. I backed off knowing that it was locked. She struggled for a moment. I told her it was locked with a TSA friendly lock. I thought that meant that the TSA had a master key to open it. They may but she was clueless. She allowed me to enter the combination but still could not get it open. Finally I sort of pushed past her and opened it. As I am taking things out carefully she is telling me I can't touch anything. As she starts to grab puppets to throw on the moving beltway I objected. I said," Mam the reason they are in a case is so they won't get damaged. You can't just throw them around." She said, "do I need to call a supervisor?" I said you bet.

He and I worked it out so that I could pad them in a tub and they could go though correctly. They kept me there about a half hour which is an eternity dealing with the mentally challenged. Finally when it was determined that I was not a threat the supervisor made a weak apology. The fat lady said almost as justification, "I never saw a bag like that before, sir." It was the bag that concerned her more than the contents.
Sorry, I know they are trying to do their job, but do I feel safer because these Bozos are on duty. Not at all. 
As you were,

Monday, September 20, 2010

Touching Base

I appreciate all the learned interpretations of the Sweatshirt of Turin. It proves once again that the readers of this blog are mostly people who are in need of serious professional help.
I flew all the way to Victoria,BC to board the Rhapsody of the Seas. When I got here the driver took me directly to the Radiance of the Seas. I said that wasn't my ship. In an accent I couldn't identify he told me this is where he was told to come. He bailed out and started unloading my luggage. Before I could find my paper work he was gone. Although I would have bet my roll that this was the wrong ship, my name was on the manifest. This brings up an interesting proposition.
When entering Canada they ask why I was coming into the country. I told them I was just catching a ship and wouldn't be staying. The officer looked at me like he didn't believe me. He asked me the name of the ship. I told him it was the Rhapsody of the Seas. He looked at a computer screen to what I assumed was a list of ships in port and after a moment waved me through.
So here is the weird thing. If a guy said he was boarding a ship docked in the harbor, and the name of the ship he gave did not exist, would you wave him through into the country with out another question?
How safe do I feel now?
As you were,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Sweatshirt of Turin
I leaned up against the railing of the ship on deck 7. It was wet outside and the rail was spotted with water. At the time I didn't realize I had gotten my sweatshirt wet.
When I got back to my cabin I noticed that the water mark formed what looked like words a foreign language. I was sure it was a message from Neptune himself, so I photographed the marks to study them before they dried up and disappeared.
It looks middle eastern in origin and today is Yom Kippur after all. I am thinking it is prophecy, perhaps the formula for world peace. The fact that it might just be random water spots is the last thing that comes to my mind.
So if anyone reads a language that is even close to what this looks like and can translate, please comment and let me know.  It could also be that I have it turned upside down.  Magic writing rarely comes with directions. So, if it is closer to an actual language when flipped feel free to either stand on your head, or turn your monitor upside down. 
Being that I know the friends that read this blog, I am prepared for the bogus translations like, "Kick Me" and "I'm a jerk".  Just know that I have already gone there so only legitimate offerings please.  
As you were,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Magic Cargo
My last day on board they were loading in the show for the magician Guytano.  This is the equipment that he needs to do an hour show.  I do an hour show with a couple of cases, and I think that is a hassle to travel with.
I am reminded of a show I did at Monday Night Magic in New York City while promoting "The Two and Only".  It was a quick couple of minutes in between the magic acts.  I decided to make it easy and not bring a character, but "talk" to them on my cell phone and then did a credit card routine.

It went well and the audience gave me a very nice round of applause.  I exit stage left and pass by the  magician ready to be introduced next.  He is cradling a dove cage under one arm and a production box under the other while holding a top hat and a magic table in either hand.  As my applause lingers he says to me, "What did you do out there that got such a great reaction?"  I told him I did a routine with my credit card and cell phone.  He thought for a moment and said, "You got that reaction using the stuff in your pockets?" Then he looked down at the load of props he was dragging on stage with him and said, "Shit."

As you were,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wall of Ice
Coming in from the right side of this picture is the 40 foot pilot boat that was with us at Hubbard Glacier.
There was a scientific team on board  with permission to sail within a hundred yards of Hubbard.  According to Thomas Ryan the guest lecturer for the trip at this point the boat is a half mile away from the face of the glacier.  In the picture I took of the ship at one hundred yards away you can not even see the boat.  I think that is the most amazing thing about the wilderness of Alaska, it is so expansive.  We city dwellers don't have a clue how big something is unless we have a McDonalds in the foreground. But a mountain face of ice that can at any moment crack and fall this big is really hard to understand.
As you were,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Moon rise over Inside Passage

I was taking a short cut to the theatre by walking the open deck the last night of my shows. The crescent moon was just rising over the mountains. It literally took my breath away. I knew I couldn't stay and watch for long being on a schedule and the moment itself would be gone soon. All I had was my cell phone camera. I wish I had a much better way to preserve the moment. Ultimately there is no way to record it, you just have to be there. It seemed much bigger as I remember it now. It was surreal, like being part of a postcard for a moment.
I was thinking, before we carried cameras, we had to remember the details of a moment like this and if we shared it, we would use words. Perhaps better words could capture the moment more accurately than this shot. Maybe I need to carry a journal in my pocket.
As you were,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For Dixon

My friend Dixon wanted to have a better perspective on the mountain with all the paintings in Skagway. This my last trip here for awhile. Here it is. Always thinking of you Dixon.
As you were,


The Last of Hubbard

This is the last run of the Coral Princess to Alaska this season and her last visit to the Hubbard Glacier. It was a spectacular day and there were several great calvings. A few minutes after I took this picture the forty foot pilot boat sailed within a hundred yards of the ice wall and I got a picture of it on my other camera. I will publish it when I get back home.
We are about a mile away but the perspective of the tiny boat so close to it is quite revealing.
Statistics are overwhelming. It is six miles wide at the water, 600 feet high and about 78 miles long. It is fed by eight different glaciers along its length. They call it the galloping glacier cause it moves five feet a day and is one of the largest tide water glaciers in the world. I can't tell you how incredible the sound is. It thunders like a Texas rain storm as it creaks along it's way.
I have to say I will miss it very much. I have taken for granted this biweekly meeting. And it is hard to say goodbye to my majestic friend with no solid plans to return soon. God's art work is extremely impressive. I am blessed with a profession that allows me to make a living while I experience such beauty. I must have done something very good in a former life to be treated to this one.
I have said it before but my favorite movie quote is from "Network News". John Hurt says to Albert Brooks, "What do you do when your life exceeds your dreams?" Albert Brooks responds, "You keep it to yourself. "
I guess I mucked that up already.
As you were,

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mood spoiler

On a beautiful day in Whittier when the sun is shining and the sky is clear for embarking passengers, the video department decides to play a Barry Manilow concert on the movie under the stars screen. I'm not sure what Barry has to do with Alaska, certainly not as appropriate as Chaplin's Gold Rush in Skagway.
Perhaps it is more of a statement than I imagine. We are not that far from the town where Sarah Palin was mayor for a moment. Perhaps the video department is asking the musical question "why is any one listening to either one of these media anomalies?" Just a thought. Probably I am over thinking the whole entertainment purview. Continuing along this line one might wonder what a ventriloquist has to do with Glaciers? Why did they hire me at my current quote to entertain? Okay, I offer a rationale. Glaciers, one of nature's natural wonders and something one doesn't see often enough.... Ventriloquist. Okay so I am stretching the envelope until it becomes a FedEx package but on these cross over days I have more down time than humility.
I got some great responses from my opEd on comedy. Thanks to all that replied. I'm not sure that what you spend your time thinking affects ones comedy. But I am sure that what we think affects our lives.
It has to do more with my philosophy on life than comedy. I do believe that you attract that which you call for. You make a duck call and you attract ducks not moose. You attract that which you spend your time thinking about. I think there are many funny situations that just happen in life and the comic has a capacity to remember and a forum to express that life event in an entertaining way. But I think one has to wait for the truly inspired moment and not settle for the easy way out and go for a joke on purely shock value. Not that shock value is not a great thing in some cases. I even employ that very method in my Tony Award winning show. Balance and moderation. If I did it more than once in the show wouldn't work as well.
Like I say, too much down time on crossover days.
As you were,

Perspective on Beauty

There is really no way to get real perspective on the massive wilderness up here. This is a picture of a Norwegian ship in front of a medium size Glacier in Glacier Bay. We were sailing to a larger glacier and passed by. The Norwegian ship is about half a mile from the glacier in the background, and we are about a mile away from that ship. You can see that this medium size ice river dwarfs the massive cruiser. I am told that if an earthquake were to occur causing a sizable fall of ice off the face, the tsunami it created could tip the ship if hit broadside like it is positioned in this photo. Fortunately those events have never come together but humans think they are in control. We are all just a minor infestation, and when Mother Earth yawns we realize how insignificant we become.
As you were,

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Thoughts about comedy

In Skagway the weather is overcast and I am a little under the weather myself. So I sit here on deck seven in contemplation. I was thinking about comedy.
A joke always works on the element of surprise. You think you know where it is going but you are shocked by the turn. Comics have to look at life and see those odd turns and find ways of expressing them.
Of course times have changed and what is acceptable to talk about has become more base. Subjects that were taboo once are now fair game.
I am uncomfortable with scatological humor or what would be considered off color. Today it struck me why that is. In order to come up with that style of humor you have analyze it and study it. To write it or perform it I will have to spend my time thinking and observing that side of life.
For example if I wanted to do fart jokes I would have to observer how I fart how others fart when they fart and the detailed procedure of farting. I realize as I sit here, I don't want to spend my time off stage considering that side of life. It is not that a joke might be funny and make me laugh. George Carlin and Richard Pryor could make me guffaw at some very sensitive subjects. But to accomplish that they had to fill their mind with every aspect of that subject. And as funny as they both were I am not sure either would be the poster boy for a stable life. Who knows but could the things they constantly contemplated have created that tortured life? I am certain it shaped their comedy.
It is true that you will see what ever you look at. If you look at only one side of life long enough you will be unaware of any other facets.
As much as I like performing and as much as I get to perform, I am off stage more of the day than I am on. So it is more important to me what goes on in my brain the majority of the time. I don't want to spend moments like this one contemplating how and why and where the people around me are farting for the sake of a two minute bit on the subject.
Life is just too short and some will trade a lot of that life for a good chunk of material. I just don't see it as a fair trade. That's my opinion yours may be different. As you were,

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My home away from Home

Back at work again. This is the back of the ship, or in Naval terms " the anus of the bucket". If you look closely you will see a row of double portholes just before you hit the water. Count four sets of doubles from the rear of the anus and that is where I reside. But don't try to book that room, it is reserved for us entertainers.
The good news is ... If the ship goes down I'm the first to know. I will abandon ship by swimming up. Ah show biz.
As you were,

Too much Fun

I hate people who drop celebrity names just to show off that they have famous friends, George Clooney was saying the same thing to me over coffee the other day.
With that disclaimer, place a soft mat on the floor cause a few names will be dropped only as necessary for the story.
Yesterday was JoAnne Worrley's birthday and there was a party at Fred and Mary Willard's house for her. It was smaller than the usual Willard bashes, but no less hilarious. JoAnne is a long time friend who has recently come back into our lives. She is very funny and we laugh a lot. Same with Fred and Mary.
Mostly the laughs were played off the moment and don't make sense out of context. However, Mary brought out the certificate for Fred's Emmy nomination this year. It looks very official at first glance. It is then you notice that the A has been left out of Willard. The academy misspelled his name. They were so embarrassed they wanted it back for correction. Mary said, "No way it is perfect ". It is, after all, the off center Fred Willard who was being honored.
Good times and good friends.
As you were,

Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor day

Happy labor day. Like everyone else we are celebrating with burgers and hot dogs. Can't believe the summer is coming to an end. But then along with global warming time is speeding right?
As you were,

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Dr. Loomis Lytes 
Theory of Refraction
This is a graphic rendering of the Theory of Refraction made famous by noted illumination theorist Loomis Lytes, PhD.  He first delivered this idea of light refraction in a lecture for the International Board of Luminosity in 1955.  Although it was seen as incomplete at the time, as new methods of measuring light waves were discovered other scientists have proven his theory to be true.  Unfortunately he did not live to see his work accepted as fact and died in 1965 at the age of 72.   The  Aurora Borealis  is also  called the "Northern Lytes" after the the famous theorist who proposed its existence.
From the non published files of the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

More Pictures
If you look at the smaller picture of 4th street, you will see a gray spot on the mountain above the buildings in Skagway, Alaska. Below is a close up enlargement of that spot.
They are very big on painting the rocks for advertising in Skagway as evidence from the ship logos I photographed for a previous blog.
This one has been around for a very long time.  It is a land mark for Skagway. Now it advertises a novelty shop and Moes Bar.  I am told that the original advertisement goes back a century to the Gold Rush days.  The clock was there to advertise a jewelry store. The odd time on the clock was then the International jewelers clock time.  It is the position they set the hands of a watch when it is displayed.  The hands don't obscure the makers name nor the top of the face.  Years later the International jewelers clock time was changed to 10:10.  It shows off the watch in the same way but it is a smiley face instead of the frown of 8:20.
Some one once said that if they were ever on "Who wants to be a Millionaire" they would have me for their life line.  I was complimented until I thought of it for a while.  To hold that position you have to know a little about a lot of BS.  I guess I am that guy.
As you were,

Friday, September 03, 2010

Here is a picture that I took outside a bar in Skagway, Alaska.  It largely goes un-noticed with all the other frontier eye candy in the town. I knew that I had to take a picture of it.  I have a great affinity for wooden Indians, after all I work with Bob the original wooden american.
At one time Sandi agreed to let me buy a wooden indian to put in the game room we had envisioned.  We never found the right one and now with several of my wooden friends standing guard over the pool table it probably will never happen.  Wooden Indians like jukeboxes and lava lamps are something you might grow out of with time.
HOWever, I am reminded of a line that the late Pat McCormick wrote for me in a cable movie that never saw the light of day.  Bob and I are in a pool room, in context of the story, and we are sitting next to a wooden Indian standing beside us.  Bob looks over to the Indian and says, "Clint Eastwood called and he wants his expression back."
Rest in peace Mr. McCormick with the knowledge that most of your lines live on even today.
As you were,

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Resting is for Politicians
Okay. It is shameless promotion time again.  If you are in the Southern California area, on October 29th I will be at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Theatre for one night only of "Jay Johnson: The Two and Only!" One night only, the Two and Only.
On the ship my last night there was a new cruise director who introduced me like this: "You are going to enjoy the performance of the one and only Jay Johnson, the Two and Only." Some sort of dyslexic reversal of information.  I could see half the audience adjusting their hearing aids.
As nice as it is, there really is no relaxing on the ship.  Between performing and getting ready to perform and the Russian Acrobats doing drunken flip-flops in the crew hallway at 3:00AM I always seem to be tired.  Add to that a 10 hour travel day on two planes to get back and I am ready for a vacation when I get home.  However, after being out of touch for the last week there is so much to catch up on I have to hit the floor running.  Yeah I know this isn't a business for sissys, and they could be sending me to a casino in Death Valley rather than Alaska, but tired is tired.
Unfortunately life does go on here at the Johnson house even when I am tired.  Sandi hired some guys to trim the trees right outside the bedroom.  She thought they were coming on Saturday.  As I was having a dream that I was falling asleep trying to cross a glacier I was awaken at 7:00AM THIS morning to the beautiful sounds of chain saws chewing away pulp at my window.  That is such a pleasant sound to wake up to.  I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't.  
There you have it, the yen and yang of life.  The spooky sounds of White Thunder from the Hubbard Glacier one morning chain saws the next.  
As you were,

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Gold Rush

There are times when life and art come together in the finest of ways. On the Lido deck of the Coral they show movies under the stars on a large screen video above the pool. Last night it was Gold Rush, the silent Charlie Chaplin feature. I am a huge Chaplin fan and he was never more relevant nor more enjoyable.
The print was crisp projected as video on the large screen in glorious black and white and it popped in the clear Alaskan twilight. I have seen Gold Rush before in run down art house theaters projected with a bulb that was half the desired wattage for optimum viewing. Here it was crystal clear with the back drop of the snow covered mountains of the Skagway bay and no one around but me and Billy.
The movie takes place in the Yukon territory of Skagway during the Alaskan gold rush exactly where we sat at that moment. I glanced at the white peaks just beyond the screen and felt if I looked hard enough I could see the run down shack where Chaplin and Mack Swain braved the cold. It was as close to being enveloped in the world of a film as I ever will be. It could not have been more perfect. The lack of sound allowed Billy and I the opportunity to continue a "color commentary" of our own.
The final scene of the film takes place on a cruise ship. Chaplin has stuck it rich and sails out of Skagway finding the girl he loves stowed away on board.
As Charlie and his love sail into the proverbial sunset on screen, the captain of the Coral Princess sounded the horn and we sail our ship in exactly the same direction in exactly the same bay, in real life. It was perfect.
As you were,