Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am a lover of great theaters. Recently I had the chance to tour the Sydney Opera House. It is as wonderful as it looks. Basically the sail like exterior is just a shell with five theaters inside, all constructed with an acoustically perfect wooden infrastructure. One of the theaters is called the Playhouse. It is about 400 seats and would be perfect for "The Two and Only." I have entered that wish into the cosmos.

There is another theater that is one of the great jewel boxes in America located in San Francisco. It is the Bohemian Club Jinks Theatre on Taylor Street. It is about 800 seats. All the fly space and trap doors to create most any type of show. My first venture into the idea of a one man show was performed on the Jinks Theatrer stage. Tonight I will be part of another show, that will be performed only once.

The theatre is part of what the Bohemians call the City Club building. Unfortunately, only the highly selected Bohemian Club members and their guests ever get to see it. The Bohemians are a club dedicated to the arts. They have an original show there about once a month.

There is a lot of speculation about the Bohemians because it is an exclusive private mens club and there are politicians, billoinaires and power players among their ranks. There are also performers like me. A club dedicated to the arts has to include a lot of different artists. The rich seem to understand they can't buy the gifts artists have been given. They can only provide a plce for them to express.

I am at mixed feelings about the fact that the theatre will never be a public venue. It would be great to open it up to the theatre community. However, it is a hundred years old and it is maintained in its original beauty by a dedicated group of Bohemians. Without that budget it would probably be a parking lot today. Theaters have to have deep pockets to continue their life as a theatre. The Sydney Opera House is owned by the Australian government.

So I guess you will just have to take my word for it. Tonight will be a great experience, mostly for us who get the honor of tramping the boards. I am blessed, and enjoy any moment I can play on a stage.
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Sunday, March 02, 2008

I look forward to seeing all in attendance at our run at the AJ
Fliecher Opera Theater in Raleigh, NC this week. Yeah, I know that
date in not on the tour calendar of "THE TWO AND ONLY" website. I hope
there has been local publicity, cause I definitely will be there. I
understand the first night is sold out. That's a nice thing. I can't
wait to get back to doing the show. I love to perform, and I guess I
love to perform "The Two and Only" most of all. So, to all who come to
the AJ Fliecher Opera Theater... I can't wait to see you.

Sandi and I just returned from a quick working cruise from Sydney to
Brisbane, Australia. We were only on the ship three days and it seemed
to take almost that long to get to the ship. I performed two shows on
one evening, so it was fairly easy. I loved Australia

Travel has been the motivation for most of the great stories of the
world. Great adventurers have made careers out of recounting stories
from their travels. "A funny thing happened to me on the way to...."
is classic standard comedy set up line. The thing one remembers most
from their latest trip becomes a tale of great value. So........ After
48 hours in Sydney, 38 hours on board the Serenity, 18 hours in
Brisbane, 6 hours in Hong Kong and 34 hours on three different
airplanes in the last 7 days here is what I remember most. The list is
short, I will arrange in bullet points:
-The worn purple 1950's carpet covering the Grand Entrance stairs to
the Symphony Hall of the Sydney Opera House.
-The puppet shop located on the lower level of the Rocks.
-The massive expanse of the duty free shops and the size of the Hong
Kong airport
-The love I immediately felt for Australia
-The airport security over seas is so much better, efficient and
pleasant than the TSA in America
I could write a blog on each one of those points, but tomorrow I travel
again and there will be other bullet point to be added to the list. I
am way behind already with stories to be told. I have to stop traveling
to actually write about traveling. It is a catch 22.

Both Qantas and Cathy Pacific Airlines are members of the one world
alliance. This means the frequent flier miles back from Australia will
be added to the two million, two hundred thousand miles I have on
American Airlines already. For all the traveling I have been doing the
One World Alliance will reward me with... you guessed it.... Free
Travel. I think this is the text book definition of a squirrel cage
As you were,