Saturday, November 10, 2018

What is the Truth?

Knowing that we humans only see part of the light spectrum, it is logical that other vibrations bombard us as well. Feelings are sometimes stimulated by frequencies or vibrations that do not register consciously.  I think there must be a frequency for the Truth that humans can feel, vibrating somewhere near their hearts.  I have always assumed this metaphysical  pulse vibrated and stimulated everyone in the same way but that assumption is under scrutiny.

As a matter of clarity and openness I will admit I believe TRUTH is a quality/synonym for God, but I wish to avoid any discussion of  religion.  Religion is the great divider of the Human spirit, especially today.  Although the world could probably come together with a concept of Spirituality, Religion materializes the abstract with human rules that have nothing to do with Spirituality. I have never believed an Omnipotent, Omniscient Being would require anything of a material nature to be acknowledged. But as stated earlier, this is not to be a discussion of Religion. I am just word smithing the absolute Spiritual concept we call Truth.  

The search for “TRUTH” in the name of Truth itself is the only thing that separates man from animal. The journey for Truth is a spiritual quest to find that constant, recognizable, accepted frequency felt by consciousness that is True (Absolute).  Our language is filled with images connecting frequency and  Truth. Metaphors like “felt right” or it “rings true”  and “clear as a bell” suggest a vibration or frequency for Truth. Unfortunately we have only words to explain the Truth and words, at best, are inadequate. 

I think the average person can distinguish Truth from Falsehood if they feel rather than think.  The problem is these feelings are subtle and can not be felt when bombarded with stronger negative vibrations.  It is akin to trying to hear someone talk in a loud room,  the mass of negative vibrations drowns out the tempo of Truth. Today more than ever ideas that pose as the Truth circulate the globe with electronic wireless speed.  It is easy to miss that frequency of the Truth in the pollution of erroneous vibrations.  It would be like trying to hear Brahms Lullaby played at the same moment and volume as gangster rap. Loud and threatening always trumps quiet and safe. (Symbolic verb choice acknowledged) 

No one is trying to feel the Truth nor are we even listening.  We engage in dialogue only to state our own opinion,  prove ourselves right or just to counter punch.  There is no way to distinguish the Truth if you see the messenger as Liberal or Right Wing, Black or White, Rich or Poor or just see them as “other”.  Truth is quiet and strong, Lies are loud, big and empty.  Truth is absolute, Lies are temporary.  I am continually baffled by people who, for the most part, are dedicated to living the Truth but support a leader who can be proven over and over again to be a liar.  

Thanksgiving is in two days.  The Truth is, I am benefactor of so many wonderful blessings I will forget to be thankful for the simple things I take for granted, even the freedom to write this essay. If the continuing fearful rhetoric has drowned out our ability to “feel” the Truth then we need to change our receiver to find the frequency of Truth.   
Happy Thanksgiving.
As you were,