Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Something happened tonight. There is no way to quantify it and I'm not sure I can explain it nor am I sure this is the right forum to talk about it. It happened on stage at the end of my performance. During my final speech I really heard my self say, "Sometimes we just need to believe." Believe what, Jay? Believe in your art, believe in this show, believe that it is worthy to be seen, believe it will survive the economic needs of the "business" people? Yes, all of that. However, It is not enough just to say you believe, you have to actually believe.

Here is what I believe. I believe, if you are reading this you were drawn to it for a reason. I believe this is a word of mouth show, which is perfect for a ventriloquist show. I believe, if you have seen the show you know who you want to send to see it. You should tell them to see the show tomorrow. If you haven't seen this show you are in for an experience different from what you think it will be. You should see the show tomorrow. I believe that this is the right show at the right theater at the right time. Tomorrow night's show is going to be a unique experience. I believe it.
As you were,

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Anonymous said...

I believe in your show. Seeing it was one of the best experiences in the theater I've had in a long time. Now how do we get you on all the NYC talk shows so everyone will know to come see the show?