Saturday, November 25, 2006

“The Two and Only” is definitely closing Sunday, November 26, 2006. Our last show will be at 3:00. This show is an emotional roller coaster for me and I don’t know how I will keep it together long enough to make it to the end. I barely made it through tonight.

I want to thank everyone who sent cards, emails and comments on this blog expressing regrets and well wishes. You don’t know what it means to me that you liked the show. I am touched and uplifted by the outpouring. It is an economic issue and not an artistic decision to close the show.

The producers are keeping the website going. I guess the blog will still be here, however, it was conceived as a look behind the scenes a Broadway show. It seems that point of view has been obscured. The Broadway run is over. The Wiz said it is much too emotinoal to write a blog right now. I understand. I agree.

Perhaps I can write about my last night at the Helen Hayes. I will know after it happens. For now, I am grateful, I need to grieve, I need to be upset and I need to get past my desire to strangle the person I think is responsible.

There are many things that upset me about this situation, but the people who came to see the show are not part of that. Thanks to all that came. I loved every minute that I was on this stage. You gave me more than I can measure. You were the reason I came. Thank you very much.

We’ll talk soon.
As you were,


Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnson,

I wish you would come to Kansas City! Last year I purchased Seasons 1-3 of Soap and my 12 y/o son is just enthralled with Chuck and Bob. Because of your character he now wants to be a ventriloquist. Not sure if you'll see this, but I wanted to let you know that one little Midwestern boy thinks that you were the best part of the show. If you are ever in the area, I promise to get a front row ticket. I'm sorry sales are slow right now.

the other one said...

Jay - Take as much time as you need. We will be here waiting for you with love and support.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we'll be here waiting.

May you have a fantastic show.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, I'm hoping there are no latecomers so I can just stand inside the whole time.

Just give as you give and I'm sure Bob and Darwin will have a lot to say.

Break (wooden) legs.

--Usher Bob

Maggers said...

I wrote this review and posted it on a message board to which I belong. I thought I'd share it here, too....

I saw the extraordinary Jay Johnson on Broadway last night in his one man show, "The Two and Only." Sadly, it's closing tonight, not because the show isn't marvelous, but apparently because it wasn't marketed well enough. They just didn't fill the seats.

I'm writing about it because if Johnson should take his show on the road to your town, do whatever you can to see it.

Some of you may remember Jay Johnson and Bob from "Soap," the ground-breaking 70's TV sitcom. Johnson played the ventriloquist whose dummy (a word he won't use for his wooden partners), Bob, was supposed to be his alter ego. He knew the writers of the show were nuts and knew nothing about ventriloquism when he read the script and saw "Bob" as the same for his dummy. No ventriloquist would give his partner a name that began and ended with plosives, sounds that require the lips to move.

The show is a history of ventriloquism, Johnson's personal history in ventriloquism, hilarious bits with his puppets and partners, and the most extraordinary display of ventriloquism that I will ever see. I just did not expect to be blown away by this show. He was so funny, so adept, so witty and wise, and so damn good, that I just had to let you know.

It's a shame the show is closing. If you go to the show's website,

you'll see Johnson's blogs. He wrote how hard it was to do the show knowing that it's closing tonight. I'm honored I got to see him working so well under such duress.

Lied said...

My boyfriend and I came to see the show about a month ago and thought it was touching and hilarious. I'm so sorry to see it's closing.
I saw someone with a "It's a monkey joke" T-shirt on the street and was hoping to get one for my boyfriend for Christmas. Is it possible to purchase one, and if so, where?
Have a wonderful last show!!!

Lied @

Anonymous said...

We love you, Jay!
Corine Cohen

Anonymous said...

PS Today will be my fifth time seeing your show. It gives me such joy.
People love your show, Jay!
Don't worry. It will be back.
If I can help make it happen I will.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame you are closing, I have heard FANTASTIC things about the show from friends. I am an actor myself and just got back to town and had 6 tickets for Thursday, November 30. I also know of at least a dozen people from my company who were all planning to get tickets for Tuesday night together as like a back to town outing. AND my mom, her sister and 4 girlfriends are all in town next week and your show was on the top of their list to see next week. Too bad you couldn't have stayed open one more week. I was really looking forward to it and there is upwards of 2 dozen people who were all gonna come. Wish they could gotten there sooner, then maybe you wouldn't be in this position. All the luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Read you personal email message.
Love you AND YOUR SHOW!!
Roomie and his dog

Laura said...

I love soap and was hoping to see your show. I'm sorry to say I missed it. If you ever return to the area I'll defintly be there. I wish you the best of luck.

matthew wickline said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnson,

I saw your show last year off-Broadway, and was hoping to see it again this year (I live in California so New York is not an easy option). I, and everyone else, loved your show. I'm sorry it's closing, but never think that it has a direct correlation to how good it was. Stephen Sondheim is considered one of the best in musical theater, and many, if not most of his shows closed quickly (some under a year), even the ones that one the Tony Award for Best Musical. Take care. I look forward to your next project.

Anonymous said...

The show starts with a voice begging, “Release me!” You look for it, you find it and you release that voice. You did it Jay. Don’t ever forget that. Yes, it totally sucks Darwin d**k (is this a family show?) that the show was told to pack it up. It affects the entire staff; many of us emotionally and all of us financially and the worst possible time of the year (Merry frickin’ Christmas!). But you did it Jay and you did it your way (that’s not a monkey joke, that’s a bird of DEATH joke). You were on Broadway, with your show; not somebody else’s twisted vision but your own twisted vision. And it was amazing and entertaining and educational and hysterical and emotional and marvelous. You are an inspiration Jay. You are. I’m inspired anyway. I’m trying to make my way through this ridiculous business of show and I’m trying to create my own material and I see you and I see it can be done and it can be done well. Very very well. Original work by quality craftspeople can get done; it can reach people. You did Jay; you released your voice and reached a lot of people. You touched our hearts and gave us a gift that only you could have given us. And for that I thank you. You are a wonderful performer and warm and generous human being. I’m so glad I was able to meet you and see you work. You leave many fond memories with all of us at the Hayes. We all hope to see you again very soon!!

-the blonde usher

Anonymous said...

The Two and Only will forever be remembered in Broadway history. A sad night for such an amazing show and an amazing actor.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnson,

I loved your show so much, and had never thought ventriloquism would be such an art.

I saw your show twice, once at Atlantic and second when it came back on Broadway. Waited and waited so long till Broadway open, and when I finally saw it for the second time, I was so moved, overwhelmed with re-visited joys and decided to come one more time. But my financial situlation didn't allow me unfornately... I feel so sad this great artistic show had to close so soon, not giving me any more chance to see. I did try to spread the words, but sometimes people are so stubborn and just decide "ventriloquism?? On Broadway???", you know. They just have to see it!! As a result of my effort, I could send two people there. Both LOVED it and appreciated me for telling them about it. Such a great piece of art, I must say. It's easy to enjoy musicals or comedy shows, but when Broadway's got something different, something so unique, something good for everybody, they didn't even notice. So sad...... Good for everybody, yes, me being non English speaker, I admit there was some stuff I couldn't understand, but I could see how marvelous and precious this show was. I assume you have mixed feelings right now like I do, but there's no doubt this show was great success in satifying every single person in the audience, 100%, maybe more than that.

Thank you very much and please come back to NYC again. I'll be there!!

Hope you had a blast at today's show.

jo cocchia said...

i logged on to the website to order tickets. i was very disappointed. i hope you're in the CT area soon. best of luck to you. i'm SURE i would love your show! said...

Mr. Johnson,

It was a pleasure!!!.........
From Beginning to the End ! Your a
Give my best to Spaulding.

the other one said...

Those of us there for the final performance had an amazing experience last night. The energy and love in the theatre could have lifted off the roof. The moment Jay walked on stage to the end of the curtain call, you could feel the energy moving back and forth. We were lucky enough to be treated to an extended scene with Bob and why he can't say "B" words...I'm still laughing!

Not all performers have the ability to move an audience the way you do Jay. Your talent can only be rivaled by your warmth, kindness, friendship and joy you bring to everyone you meet. This has been the most enjoyable experience I've ever had in all the years I've worked at the Hayes. I'm heartbroken that's it's over but I wouldn't trade these past two months for anything in the world. Many thanks to Paul and Murphy for their vision and insight that your story needed to be told and to the Wiz for keeping it all together.

The dream was short lived but you did Broadway! My only hope is that when you go on that magical mystery tour, you will be able to bring your joy and talent to all those that wanted to be here (and more) but couldn't.

Those of you reading this waiting for The Two and Only to come to your town - you have no idea what's in store for you!

You're a tough act to follow
Mr. Johnson. You are truly an artist and will be greatly missed.

As you are and always will be...
your friend,

Missy and Nate said...

All our love as you grieve... We are all grieving with you. A hand in the dark to reach for if you will...

I was hoping to get tickets again for this week or next until i read the blog during Thanksgiving. I am so sorry to hear it now has closed. I wanted to be there with you on Sunday but it wasn't in the cards.

Thank you for such a wonderful evening when I saw the show in previews. I loved every second of it! And we saw you after show to get your autograph and talk with you. You made me feel special -- not only did you sign my Soap dvd box on your photo but you signed Bob's name too! And because of my height - i'm 5 feet, you said I should go talk to Bob :) I thought it was hilarious.

My husband and I will miss you and Spaulding since he jumped into our laps that night :)

Thank you for a wonderful time. I hope Broadway knows what its missing now!

Hugs and love. Good luck in all you do from here on out.

-Missy and Nate

John Ivy said...

I'm so sorry I missed everything.
Jees, I feel like a tool for getting so wrapped up in work I missed out on another performance and another get together.
My goodness, this is sad...
Screw cynical New York. I'm really disappointed in this city right now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jay,

I saw the closing show, and having seen it four times before this, I could see some of the emotional pain you were experiencing. But you gave us a great show despite your sadness at leaving Broadway.

Live theatre is ephemeral in its essence. Equating success with finances is an easy mistake to make. But success is much more than wealth. And if you look around at what makes financial success on Broadway and what is just plain wonderful, there is rarely a confluence. Your show was wonderful, your performances were amazing, your reviews were tremendous. Your show was a success.

Take it on the road!

All the best to you, and thank you so much for the show. I loved it, and all of the people I brought with me each time I saw it loved it too.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnson -
I saw your show a few weeks ago when I was visiting NY from Chicago and absolutely loved it. I feel your pain upon hearing about the closing. I had a dream come true a couple of years ago when a play I wrote opened Off-B'way. The reviews were great, the audiences loved it, but due to "economic issues," the producers pulled the plug after a few months and I was devastated. But even if the run wasn't as long as I had hoped it would be, I still had the experience and wonderful memories. That's show biz.
You are a amazingly talented artist and I'm sure you will continue to find great success.
Best wishes,
James Sherman

Marc said...


I had just gotten into your blog, and was going to see the show after I returned from Thanksgiving. I am so sorry I missed it, but so glad you had the chance to REALLY wow everyone. I know you'll be back, I think you've impressed the heck out of everyone with your warmth, humor, and love. Good luck, and sorry about the premature closing. Grr...

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the show has closed. Hold your head up high--not everyone gets to Broadway. I'm glad you did because I loved your show and enjoyed meeting you.

You are a true artist. It felt good to laugh and to see all of the characters come alive with personality.

Thanks too for the blog. It was a real treat to feel connected to just about evey show.

I wish you all the best,

Chickie (friend of Murphy)