Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Okay it is horn-tooting time.

“Jay Johnson: The Two and Only” won the Los Angeles theatre alliance “Ovation award for best solo show” last night. It was nominated for the Colony Theatre run last April/May. The Ovation Award is the Los Angeles equivalent of the Tony on Broadway. It is a tremendous honor for the show and everyone involved. We competed with all the shows that came to Los Angeles on their way to New York this year, as well as local productions. Since I am here doing the Broadway version, Barbara Beckley, artistic director for the Colony Theatre, was there to accept the award on my behalf. Sandi got the Trophy tonight and she told me that it is beautiful and looks wonderful on our mantel.

The praise for this Ovation goes to Murphy and Paul. Since the show at the Colony was a licensed production from the Broadway company, Paul and Murphy were the ones who made it happen. They had to pull together a duplicate set; new lighting cues and make it fit a brand new theater. Paul, Murphy and Barbara made sure that all the proper forms were submitted and all the voters got a chance to come to the show. (Not unlike the process for the Tony in New York). The solo-show category is really tough to get a nomination. We were really thrilled just to get the nomination, and to actually win over the other competitors is more than exciting.

Thank you Murphy and Paul. I remember there was not much support for us doing the show at the Colony, but you pulled it off and here is the proof that it was the right thing to do. You continue to be the dream makers in my life.

One a footnote. Paul Kreppel also directed the show that won the Ovation for best original play “Zero Hour”. That’s two Ovation awards from the same director in the same year. No small task, but for me no big surprise. You go Pinky!
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the other one said...

How wonderful is that? You all deserve congrats! I'm sending those good thoughts for June.....

Anonymous said...

I jumped the gun in my email. Forgive me. What an honor for all of you...and so deserved!!! Now, as already said, ON TO THE TONY AWARDS in the "Special Events" category.
You guys ROCK...can you imagime me saying that?
Carry on, "Love you, Love your show"

Anonymous said...


We really enjoyed meeting you and talking about Abernathy. Your show is incredible. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. And I know Hoppy would love to have you at the Jamboree.

Take care and God bless.

Bobby and Robyn
Arno's grandkids

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