Thursday, November 23, 2006

On one of the last “laugh lines” in my show, a cute little voice began to laugh. I guessed it to be a little girl about 4 or 5. The child actually lost control of the giggle for a moment. It was an angelic and absolutely genuine laugh that infected the entire audience. There was nothing to do but wait for that laughter to end. It caused the audience to laugh for another thirty seconds or so.

During my curtain call I sometimes give the Spaulding eyes to a child in the front row. This laughter came from the fourth or fifth row and I could not see the child but knew she was the one who should get them that night. I stopped the applause and said, “Where is the little girl who laughed? Come down here for a second.” There was a commotion in the fourth row and a little red headed boy exited the row and started toward the front of the stage. He is about 8 years old, very outspoken and said, “I am not a girl”. I said, “I’m so sorry I thought you were a girl”

He looked at me with determination and said, “I am not amused.” I gave him the eyes and he said, “Thank you… the eyes will repair some of the damage to my soul.”

Great audiences. Just one of the wonderful things I will miss when we have to move on.
As you were,

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jay.
I was in the audience (My fourth time) I was laughing hard and actually clapped for the bird of DEATH.
Love your show. I don't want it to close. It is the most adorable night on Broadway.
Thank you for being so talented.
I love your show! If I could find investors I would.
Thank you, Jay!
Corine Cohen
Fan of The Bird of Death, Amigo and Darwin.