Friday, November 03, 2006

There are lots of ways you can tell Christmas is coming to New York City. Leaves drop off the trees and are replaced by little white lights. The weather gets crisp and cool. The stores begin to decorate, and the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show starts hiring elves. That’s right, there are probably 20 elves in the Christmas show spectacular, so many that they have to hire little people from all over the country.

Some will inevitably be from Los Angeles. There are a lot of little people who work in film and television in Los Angeles. When a kid is cast in a television show or film they do not get another kid to stand in for him for lighting and rehearsal. That would mean the production company would have to abide by the Coogan laws, which regulate how many hours you can work a kid. In these cases they use adults who are the same size as a child, little people. My wife works on that side of the camera and we have several little people who are good friends.

Last time Sandi was in town we met one of the little people in the Music Hall show at the corner of 7th and Broadway. Joe and Sandi worked together briefly on an ill-fated television show. Turns out, Joe lives my building.

I live a block away from the Radio City Music Hall and this building is where most of the out of town cast stays for the show. Joe has introduced me to several other little people who live here as well. He even offered me tickets to a dress rehearsal that I can’t attend because I am doing my show.

So, here is the point of me telling you all this. The other day I was going off to work. I think I remember whistling, “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho it’s off to work I go” at the time, but that is probably revisionist history. There, waiting in the lobby, is Joe with three other little people. We exchange howdys. Joe, Shawn, Sam and Amy tell me they are waiting for two other little couples who live in the building to go to rehearsal. I say goodbye and I’m off to my show.

I’m just about at Broadway and 49th when it hits me. Three little people in the lobby and two more couples coming..… you do the math! Now, I know I am NOT Snow White, but I DO live with seven dwarves. I am certain I was whistling “Heigh Ho” for the rest of my walk to work.
As you were,


the other one said...

I think you live in the land of OZ as're off to see the Wiz every night.


FiftyNinth said...

Sorry, Johnson, leave it to your company manager to do all the math.

If Joe is in the lobby with three little people, and they are waiting for two more couples, the mathematical formula is:

1 + 3 + 2*2 = 8

Eight "dwarves" -- not seven. If you can distract one of them with a part in the next Harry Potter film -- maybe there'll be a scene set at the Gringotts bank -- then you can get them down to seven.

But good try, buddy.