Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Wiz report for Sunday

I think it may have been during the run in Cambridge, perhaps earlier, but at some point, Nethernore added a minor line. When he and Jay are about to make the duck call Jay says "I'll hide here" and Nethernore replies "they'll never see you there." The funny part is that Jay is standing right in the open, not hidden at all. I laugh every night. But as they say, art imitates life, and now hiding has become a theme backstage. As you've read, Jay has hidden behind the door to the box office and now there is a sign there telling him to stay back 20 feet. What you haven't read (at least until now) is that Jay has taken to trying to hide on me. But the nutty thing is - he's hiding where I can see him. He's tried hiding behind the door to his dressing room. Not scary - I can see him in the mirror. He's tried to hide behind a curtain. Not scary - I can see his feet and the entire side of him as the curtain isn't big enough. Tonight I tried to scare him by sitting in a chair that is next to my calling station. It's semi-dark back there and I thought I had a chance. Nope. He saw me. We both seem to enjoy the absurdity of this little game, as it makes us laugh.

So it was the evening show and Spaulding is rolling off the deck again. Yet again he is tossed back onstage. But this time I see a volley starting. I don't recall how it started or how many times poor Spaulding was thrown. What I DO remember is seeing Jay duck behind the center cluster of trunks, as if hiding from a tossed ball. The impressive part was that from behind the trunks (and seemingly unable to see Spaulding coming at him) Jay managed to catch him mid-air. Nice catch!

I won another round of Name That Monkey Song this afternoon with the theme from Perry Mason. Tonight I wasn't so lucky with Mozart's 40th Symphony. Darwin changed genres.

A personal shout out to my dad for reading and supporting us from the Sunshine State!
Until the next one,


TOO too said...

A monkey singing Mozart. Brilliant!

(because I got it, ha ha)

the other one said...

Mozart? Okay, I could repeat the tune but had no idea what the name was. Perhaps if Darwin had done some Shostakovich, I would have had better luck.

Dad Wiz said...

When you were just a kid and I bought you Burt, Ernie, and Cookie Monster puppets, who would have thought you would be making a living on Broadway with the likes of Darwin, Spaulding, and Nethernore?
Best of luck to the whole show and keep making me proud!
Dad Wiz