Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Wiz report for Wednesday

Well it was another fun show for us tonight. No matter what my day is like, I always leave the theatre laughing and smiling. I don't know many people who enjoy their "work" like I do. It really is something special.

So tonight towards the very beginning of the show, we had a minor sound problem which resulted in one sound cue not playing. It wasn't a crucial cue and the audience didn't suspect a thing. Bob (our sound engineer - not Bob Campbell) resolved the problem before the next cue and we were fine for the rest of the night. So the problem is fixed and we're not even thinking about it anymore until Nethernore. Jay tells Nethernore to ask Bob for his song by saying "tell Bobby what to do" and Nethernore says "I'd like to tell him what to do." All of this is, of course, in reference to that one cue we've all forgotten about. Nethernore has always been tough with the sound departments. Bob knows this, and over the headset he says to me "I hope he knows this means war". So watch out Nethernore - I think you've met your match.

Although Spaulding has been acting up, he was fine both pre-show and in performance. That's twice in the same day that he was fine. So according to the chart - the Dow Jones must be up in order for Spaulding to stay on the deck.

In honor of the school groups we had tonight, Darwin did "School's Out For Summer." Though I have won with this song in the past, I did not get it tonight. Maybe the Dow must be down for me to win the game. Either way, it's fun to play!

Until the next one,

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