Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Wiz report for Thursday

You won't believe this but - I WON!! I WON THE GAME!! And it wasn't something easy like "Can Can". Nope! It was "School's Out For Summer" by Alice Cooper. So that makes the score something like 30 for Darwin and 5 for the Wiz. But who's counting?!

You may think that this song choice is a little odd, but it actually makes sense. At this evening's performance we had some large high school groups. They were a very lovely audience. They responded to different things than our usual audience does, so it was a bit of a different show. This show is a living, breathing entity and it changes with every audience.

This particular group latched onto lines that usually aren't the big scene stealers, such as Nethernore's "I don't have a cell phone", Bob's "You kinky devil", and Arthur Drew's jokes. Each of these lines got very big laughs. It's fun to hear what the different audiences respond to. It's part of what makes this show so special.

Until the next one,


Anonymous said...

Damn, who knew that the Wiz was an Alice Cooper fan. I have to go back to television themes, that seems to be easy pickings.

the other one said...

I think I'm getting worse at this game. I had no clue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Darwin-
I'd like to remind you of a little saying - "don't bite the hand that feeds you."