Friday, November 03, 2006

The Wiz report for Friday

Just when you think it's safe to relax and get into a groove, something always happens to keep you on your toes. Tonight it was Spaulding that kept me alert and ready to leap. He's up to his old tricks again, rolling right off the front of the stage. And as usual, there is a very responsible patron in the front row who tosses Spaulding back up to Jay. Tonight's patron had the arm of a center fielder. Spaulding rolls off the deck and is thrown - not tossed - back onstage. He goes almost as far as the point which he entered from. But I see Spaulding coming much closer to me than he should be. My mind is going a mile a minute. What if he is thrown so hard that he goes off the side of the stage? What if he goes over the top of the set and lands backstage? Will Jay step off the blue carpet to retrieve him? So many questions. The biggest one is "How will I handle the situation?" As this is going through my head, I see Spaulding land on the stage, just on my side of the trunk where Jay sits for the scene with Squeaky. Luckily Jay sees him and is able to get him. Crisis averted. Or is it? Next thing I know Jay is tossing the ball back to the man. What? Didn't we just make it through one terrifying moment? Why do we have to live it again? So Jay throws the ball to the man and then points to the point on the stage where he wants Spaulding the land. The man then throws the ball back onto the stage, right to the spot where Jay pointed. Whew! Finally we can get back to the show. It was both nerve wracking and funny, and unique to that performance.

The monkey song was "Thoroughly Modern Millie". No one got it. Apparently Darwin needs to read my comment to my post last night.

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the other one said...

That Spaulding is becoming a daredevil. I think he does it on purpose just to liven things up bit.

I love live theatre!