Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tonight we usually do a talk back, but we postponed it. I had to run and do an interview for the Movie 101 class for Dr. Richard Brown. He is a big fan of my show and wanted me to talk to his class. Basically he interviewed me in sort of an Actors Studio sort of setting. It was a good interview and it went well.

He has some very interesting insights to the show from an acting point of view. He described the show in such glowing details and wonderful accolades. I am most proud that artist of all kinds relate to my show. It really is the story of art in more ways than one. I think most artists can relate to the life of another artist. What we do to perfect our art is always the same.

I was very tired tonight and running to the class across town after the show just added to the rush of the evening. I am exhausted now and have to go to bed so I can get up and do a “radio tour” tomorrow. I will be on seven or eight different radio stations around the country. This is accomplished with a special link up at the New York Premiere Radio flagship. It will seem to the audience at home that I am in the studio of the local stations. It is amazing what can be done. I will have to take a nap to get through the shows tomorrow night. I think I have mentioned it before, but I didn’t realize Broadway would be a constant activity of promotions. There is never a time when a show is doing such good business that they can afford not to do promotions.

I guess half the audience was high school kids tonight. It is always a different show with that many kids. They laugh at different points and get different values from the show. There is an initial stand off as they decide if they are going to like this guy on stage that works with puppets. So far I have been able to win them over. Some of them have never seen a ventriloquist live before and have no idea what to expect. Of course I think that is no different from most people who come to our show. It is different from what they think it will be.
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Barry said...


Big congrats on the Ovation Award!

I have enjoyed reading about your journey since the beginning. Thanks for doing the blog. It is a great insight into a world 99.9% of us will never know.


sister said...

Ditto on congrats for the Ovation Award!! We're so thrilled for you.

Friend of a friend said they heard your interview in Memphis yesterday and were so excited about it.