Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I realize this is blogging about a blog. But it seems I have been held accountable for one of my recent blogs on this very site. Although a correction was called for, I think none is necessary.

In my November 4th blog I said,
“Joe, Shawn, Sam and Amy tell me they are waiting for two other little couples who live in the building to go to rehearsal.”

It was pointed that four little people (Joe, Shawn, Sam and Amy) in the lobby and two more little couples coming, makes a total of eight little people, and not the seven I allude to later . (This is beginning to sound like one of those math word problems I hated in school). Now while that is correct math it is also correct in terms of my later statement, ie. “I live with seven dwarves.”

It would stand to reason that if one lives with eight dwarves one would also be living with seven at the same time. I did not say I live with “only” seven dwarves. I also said I was definitely not Snow White.

I hope this clarifies it.
As you were,

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