Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I am grateful for so many things, my faith, my family, my friends my career. Most of the blessings are too personal to write about, but on the career side here is a partial list:

I performed in Broadway on Broadway. I got to see Times Square from a 30-foot stage when it was filled with people. My face was on the jumbotron high above the city. My poster is still hanging in Shubert Alley. I got to perform on the David Letterman Show, and the Today Show. I was awarded the Artist of the year by the YMCA of New York. My show won the Ovation award for best solo show. I got my cartoon put on the wall at Sardis yesterday. The original Bob puppet will be inducted into the Smithsonian Institute very soon. I opened my show on Broadway to the best reviews anyone has gotten this season. “The Two and Only” is the second highest rated show in the New York Times “Best Broadway Shows” poll of readers. Celebrities and Abernathy alumni have come to see my show and I got to meet them in my dressing room. I got to be the last one to perform at the Helen Hayes before there is a major renovation. I still get to be there with all the ghosts which may leave after the face lift when it is no longer familiar to them.

I have met so many wonderful people who populate New York City. However, it is time for me to move on. This is the last week of our show on Broadway. The notice was posted last night. It is a very odd contrast to a day spent promoting the show and receiving awards. There is a chance the box office will surge and we will stay another week, but for me it is easier to just accept the closing. This is the first time this show has been closed, always before we just finished our run.

The goal of this show was to present it to as many people as we can. That destiny seems to be in the presentation of the traveling tour now. I would stay forever, and always thought we would stay until the end of the year. It isn’t up to me, it is up to the wonderfully gracious people at the Theater and the producers who have been so supportive of my dream.

I don’t know who reads this blog except my Mom and Dad and a few friends. However, if you are reading and you have not seen the show, come now. Now, as in Tomorrow. There might be a chance to see this show on the road on some future day, but to see it in the Hayes on Broadway is a unique and disappearing opportunity. It is and always will be unique here in New York among the theater ghosts.

Broadway has become a theme park of shows that stay much longer than they should. I will always be glad that my show was a shooting star, too quick to be seen by the masses, but a brighter flash and a unique experience to those who just happened to look in the right direction. I will be glad not to hear things like, the show is a little tired, it seems out of date or you should have seen the original cast.

If love for a show was money The Two and Only would be the richest show in Broadway history. Some day when I am spending another Thanksgiving counting my blessings I will remember that love and its worth. How priceless is that?

Happy Thanksgiving.
As you were,


Anonymous said...

You-- dear Jay (you being the collective sense of the word) are more than a shooting star--you (all) shine wherever you are--and you are most definitely a permanent part of the Broadway sky. There are thousands of us who can attest to that! And now that incomparable brilliance will just get to shine over many more lucky parts of the world.

And its more than a few friends reading this blog everyday...might you keep it up? i've been having my morning coffee with you for awhile...

When i count my blessings tomorrow, your friendship is one of them.
As you always are,
love, eleanor

Anonymous said...


It's been a pleasure reading your blog. I'm a little upset though, because I have tickets for Wednesday night next week.

Do you think there will be a performance? If not, is there way to switch the tickets to this weekend?


Good luck

John S.

Anonymous said...


WE are proud to have had you and are extremely sorry to see you all go.

All the best,
Usher Bob

David Robison said...

I've been reading your blog religiously since I discovered it.

I have promoted your show at my blog, living vicariously through anyone that might read about it and attend.

I have told several NY comics at Comedy about the show, especially the 2 for 2 promotion.

I wished that I could have been there. Maybe someday, you'll perform on the Gulf Coast, possibly at the Saengar Theatre in Mobile, AL.

Jay, you've always been an inspiration to me. I have the press clippings from 20 years ago to prove it.

I put in an "add" request at your MySpace. One day, we'll meet.

Good Luck as you hopefully take the show on the road.


the other one said...

We are so blessed to have had you at the Hayes. It won't be the same without you. This has been the best two months EVER! You may not be here with us in person but you will always be a part of our family and share a special place in our hearts.

With much love and
As you are and always will be,

Anonymous said...


Saw your show shortly after in opened and loved it. Sent some folks, but, I guess, not enough. Also, I've enjoyed experiencing the show vicariously through your blog and will miss it.

So, thanks to you and the crew for a wonderful show and for putting vent on Broadway. If anyone should be leading a resurgence of our art (I'm a long time amateur), it's you.

Best of luck to you, always,

Bob Baker

Missy and Nate said...

My husband and I loved your show. We saw it the week it opened officially - we were there one of the first nights in previews when spaulding came at us in the front row! We were shocked but enjoyed the interaction with you!

We wish the show continued, as we had planned on seeing it again shortly! You will be missed but you will always live in our hearts! All our best to you and your family!
Missy and Nate