Saturday, November 04, 2006

Every myth you’ve heard about New York City is probably wrong.

Today when I came to work a crew from Con Edison is jack hammering the street right in front of our theater. They are digging a very large hole to fix a leak, as you can imagine it is very loud. I could hardly hear the voice of a fan named David who asked me to sign a program. He said all of his friends had recommended my show and he was there to check it out for himself. Thanks for reading the blog and coming to see the show, David, I hope you had a great time.

As I walked into the theater I said to myself, “wonder if this noise will be going on during our matinee”. Well, here’s the answer. Just as we started the show, Hector, from our theater asked the crew if they could stop the jackhammer while my show was going on. They stopped, and started to dig my hand. Are you kidding me? I never thought that would happen. The minute the audience started leaving the theater they started back with the jackhammer.

Just then the house manager from the Broadhust Theater, which is across the street, ran out and ask them to stop. Le Miserable is there and they run much longer than us. The crew stopped. The minute Le Miserable let out they began jack hammering loudly again.

Because we held them up, they were working into the night on a project they could have been finished in the daylight. You might think they would be pissed off at the spoiled actors who needed them to be quiet. As I left my theater one of the workmen yelled out to me, “How was your show tonight?”
I said “Great.”
He yelled back, “I hope to see it soon.”

So there you have it, a New York City myth about construction workers busted. Here is a shout out to the Con Ed crew of 44th street. Thank you guys. You made my job very much easier today and I am grateful for your courtesy. I love New York.

Oh yeah, you remember when I accidently scared box office Dave when he walked out of a door and I was hiding in the hallway one night? Well now on that very door is a sign with my picture on it. It says, “Jay Johnson stay at least 20 feet away.”
As you were,

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