Thursday, November 16, 2006

I guess when you are blogging about a Broadway show you have to include some New York stories. I mean you can’t deny that Broadway is in the heart of New York City.

So today I am standing in line getting a prescription filled at a pharmacy. The guy ahead of me has a problem. They don’t have his prescription ready. He brought it in yesterday, they told him two hours, he came back and it wasn’t ready then, and it still isn’t ready today. He is getting very angry with the pharmacist behind the counter. I think the pharmacist is getting in the man’s face just a little too much to be a good businessman. But then I don’t know New York etiquette yet. A yelling match starts to escalate. Okay, so I know I shouldn’t listen in, but it becomes much easier as the volume goes up.

Here are the facts. The man is asking for a refill on some sort of anti-depressant/mood swing medication. It’s called Tatrumnaught or some such happy pill name. The pharmacist is saying he needs more information before he can let him have the pills. The man is saying it must be right there in the computer, he has gotten this medication here many times. The pharmacist is telling him to “calm down”, “back off”, “lower your voice” and the like. The man is getting more and more out of control. This is the stupidest thing I have ever witnessed.

The pharmacist has the meds, but is telling the man to calm down. The man is saying he needs his meds to calm down. The pharmacist says he won’t give him the meds until he calms down. The man is saying he can calm down when he gets the meds. Well… you can see where this is going. I left before the SWAT team arrived so I don’t know who won this intellectual stand off.

I’m not saying this could only happen in New York City. All I am saying is that it did happen in New York City.
As you were,


the other one said...

and you think this is unusual?

FiftyNinth said...

I wanna know which pharmacy!

Anonymous said...

So I have been away for a couple of days with finals and grades for the end of Fall Quarter.
1. What a wonderful thing you are doing to introduce your art to high school and younger students who can take that experience on into their lives. It is a moment they will not soon "Kudos to you and the guys."
2. I'm glad that you didn't get into the pharmacy 'fracus' (sp?), but my question is...did you get your prescription filled?
3. Promotion never ends, does it. As my dear friend Patrice Munsel told me in an interview in July of 2005, "my dear David, it's all in the 'presentation'".
Hang in there young man and know that we are all with you.
Carry on,