Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Wiz report for Wednesday

Wow! What a fun show we had tonight. The crowd was great, the laugher robust, and "the guys" were all a little feisty.

I have to go back a bit - last night with Nethernore, Jay cut the "How do you know when something is dying" joke and went back to an old one that we cut towards the beginning of our run here at the Hayes. Luckily I know every version of the show and it didn't take more than a beat or two before I knew where we were headed. However, the joke happens right as I give my warnings for the next series of cues. The problem is, this new (or old) joke takes a little longer and Joe and Bob are waiting with fingers poised to (literally) get on with the show. We hate to keep our operators hanging like that and do our best to avoid it. But I was not informed of a script change, and gave my warnings as usual - which left Bob and Joe hanging for a bit. Sorry guys!

As Jay is setting Nethernore before the show tonight, I gave him (Nethernore)a brief note about letting me know ahead of time if he is going to change something. (Yes, I do give the puppets their own notes). The conversation ended there. So now we're doing the show and at that point, Jay turns towards me, and stares, and then he and Nethernore did the version that they did last night. Perhaps I should consider it "fair warning". I'm sure those of you in the front row could hear me laugh.

Jay says that the monkey song was "The Stripper". I'm not so sure.

And yes, Spaulding did roll of the deck. We're all stumped. And yes, we really do groan and cheer. And yes, I really will start a chart!

Until the next one,


Nethernore said...

I am sorry about the joke. Jay is the straight man and controls the jokes. I just react to his set up. It is the old vaudeville second bannanna relationship.

To be honest he is the straight man "of death". I never know where he is going with that routine.


the other one said...

"The Stripper?!" Are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nethernore-
I never know where he's going either!

Anonymous said...

I am here to tell the Wiz that Squeaky never gave me a "heads up" after we were all in our beds at night that he was going to knock on my door and tell me "It's time for some malt-o-meal, so lets go." Used to scare the bejeepers out of me!
Jay, are you sure that you REALLY know how "The Stripper" goes? Was the movement appropriate for the song, AND the audience? I would like to have seen that one.
Carry on,
Your Roomie