Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New York

We are winging our way to NYC to see my bro-in-law perform in his 12th Broadway Show. It happens to be playing at the Hershfield Theater which is directly across the street from the apartment where we are staying. It will be like coming home. It took me most of my life to "get" New York but I finally made friends with the greatest city in the world. Funny how New York has changed for me since we were at Cleve's opening night of tthe West Side Story revival in 1980.
Was it really that long ago? The opening night party that evening was at Sardi's and all the Asbury clan was there. It was the first time I had ever been to Sardi's. The party was upstairs in the very room that 26 years later the owners of the restaurant would unveil my own Sardi's cartoon. At that time the idea would have been so far from my reality as to be laughable. I remember making a mistake on my Amex charge that evening and inadvertently giving the waiter a hundred dollar tip. He was nice enough to ask me if I really intended to tip that much before he rang up the bill. I tipped him well for his honesty but not at the original 200% rate.
New York is now part of my own history. I would love to have the time to really be there, but it will be a whirl wind week and I will be a tourist at best. My favorite New York is leaving the Atlantic Theatre and taking the subway up town to my sublet on the West Side. 79th Street would give me sanctuary and it would take a while before I could decompress from the show. My time would be spend writing about what the day was like. New York is a writers town, because no matter what kind of day you had, it happened in New York. There was always something to write about.
I have never lived there when I wasn't performing, but the embrace the city gives to artists is like a mother's hug. It is a comfort that you never forget and the streets are never the same after they have smiled at you. It is an artists dream... inspiration at every turn and on every subway car.
LA is a group of areas in search of a village. NYC is a world village. Instead of driving through the action removed from any contact with your fellow inhabitants as in Los Angeles, New York is a town of pedestrians who actually touch as they travel through their lives. That contact is everything. Instead of thinking, isn't that Johnnies car, you an say... "Hey Johnnie."
I am certain that this trip will not allow me the time to chronicle my experiences in the city, but the replenishment of my artistic soul can not be denied. It will definitely affect my next blog.
Can't wait... I almost hunger for the energy that is Manhattan.
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