Monday, May 09, 2011

Broadway's NIGHT Off
Just one more love letter to New York City. To paraphrase Eddie Izzard, New York.. it is where American history comes from. Sandi and I are alone at Murph and Paul's place for our last night in New York. Of course everything in the theatre district has a legend this apartment building is no different. It is steeped in theatre history and one of the best places in Midtown.
This corner apartment looks down 8th Avenue from one window and across 45th from the other. It is possible to see the entrances of seven theaters from the high top dining table. The Camelot takes its name from the title of the hit musical playing a long run at the Majestic Theatre when the building was built.
I should actually research that fact to see if it is true. There is a reason I don't try to validate the facts. It is such a good story I would hate to give it up because it is not true.
There is a rumble and a tempo of noise in Midtown and particularlly at this spot. I know it annoys some people, and rightly so. It is much better to sleep in the silence of nature, than the sound of commerce. But for some reason the NYC sound is comforting to me. There is a sense that the city is alive and its heart beat becomes a natal lullaby. I find the white noise soothing. There were times on this trip when I heard the cheer of a distant crowd. It was faint enough not to be a certainty, and at first no one heard it but me. It happened again the next evening about the same time. I determined it was the cheer for Daniel Ratcliff's bow at the end of "How to Succeed". It could be heard clearly on the street in front of the Hershfield theatre and at the apartment directly across the street. Like I said I have never heard a cheer like that from any Broadway audience.
I believe it was perfect weather. There were even news casts that proclaimed it to be a perfect mothers day. It was a great trip. The next best thing to living here doing a show. I miss it... but if anyone would like to mount an off Broadway revival of The Two and Ony.... I'm in.
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