Sunday, May 01, 2011

Crime Solved

Here is a shout out of thanks to Internet friend Dave Robinson. It seems that my investigation into the
"Mystery of the Dripping Blood" was flawed. As grateful as I am to Dave for solving the mystery is also as disappointed as I am of the outcome. Being the ultimate conspiracy buff I have a mild case of let down that it was less mayhem and more Mother nature to blame for the blood trail. That coupled with the realization I did not turn to the Internet for answers like my Watson Dave did makes me realize that I chose the correct career to peruse. The reputation of blood spatter expert Henry Lee remains untarnished.
In case you missed his comment on the blog, Dave discovered that some moths and butterflies secret a red blood like substance when they emerge from their cocoon. Of course this is only circumstantial evidence, but I feel that no grand jury would indite on any other explanation. It is better than blaming lizards or hummingbirds or even OJ Simpson.
I am preparing myself now to leave this investigation hobby and continue with my real job. I will be in Wisconsin for a night and on to Rochester, NY for a three week run performing "The Two and Only" during their lilac festival. My show did very well there several years ago and I hope the interest will remain high. This comes on the heels of a show I helped write and perform for the Bohemian Club of San Francisco last week. Club rules limit the amount of information I am allowed to share, but I am proud to say as the reluctant SIre of the two evening run, the event set a club record and sold out. The second night was a rare Ladies night when the club goes from an all male audience to a mixed one. Well healed matrons and trophy wives devoured the performance.
I think the most fun is actually writing and preparing the show over a period of several months preceding the event. It is a chance to hang with some really talented people in the industry here in LA. This is not to discount the adventure of rubbing shoulders and having expensive cigars with my Northern California brothers.
Jim Mc George, a legendary comic and elder statesman of show business, was in attendance and was persuaded to perform. He is a proverbial joke machine with a style of comedy that one rarely gets to experience now days. As with most comics a written version of his act sans the impeccable timing and decades of experience is un-representative but here is one of his jokes. "A farmer and his wife are down on their luck and have only one pig left on the farm. It is their 45th wedding anniversary and there is nothing for dinner. The Farmer says, 'Why don't we kill the pig?' the wife says 'why blame the pig for something that happened 45 years ago.'
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Bob Conrad said...

"Aw Gee, Uncle Captain, Stan spells it Freberg."

Dave Robison said...

Thanks for the mention in your blog. I consider this a "brush with greatness", and will probably brag about it and drop your name shamelessly.

Roomie said...

Oh, the stories you tell about the goings on at THE BOHEMIAN CLUB gatherings!!!!! You fortunate vent, you.....
Carry on,